Did this cartoonist just propose?


I don’t see anything resembling a joke here, and the lady is reading the comics - did the cartoonist just use this cartoon as his actual proposal to his girlfriend?

Based on the comments, I think you’re right–someone mentioned the cartoonist’s Facebook status now saying engaged.

Certainly looks that way…and, if the report of Guy’s facebook status can be trusted, she accepted.

That’s pretty sweet…

but I’m mushy that way.

I actually LOLed at a couple of that guy’s other cartoons. Not often I say that.

Hope she said yes.

ETA: is this a precursor? I don’t see a joke there, either.

Oh boy, a proposal in the form of viral advertising. How romantic!

That’s the middle of a week long series, which started 2 strips earlier, on Sept 27. The punchline comes on October 3.

Thank you. That also made me LOL.

All I can say is, if you’re going to go that public with it, you’d better be damned sure she’s going to accept!

Pretty self-serving, especially as there’s no joke.

Much like your post. =D

Pffft. If I had that kind of public podium, I’d propose that way myself.

It’ll make a cute story (with visuals) for the grandchildren, too.

If they look anything like their caricatures . . . they’re gonna have some butt-ugly kids.

It’s been done.

I believe one of the Penny Arcade dudes did the same thing, though quite a while ago…

As linked above.

I think this was a brilliant idea. If there’s one way to guarantee a woman won’t laugh at your proposal, it’s putting it in a Brevity strip.

(Not a fan of this comic.)