Penny Arcade Comic changed?

Ok, so I read Penny Arcade off and on. Normally I’ll forget about it for a week or so and go back to read the ones I missed. Well today I went back to catch up. Since I never remember the date I last read, I just go back until I see the comic I last saw and go from there. Well this time I went back and the comic I saw wasn’t there. It was the one from 3/23. Originally it was a comic about Pokemon players and I remember the last panel was about a pedophile. There’s nothing in the news about the change so anyone know what happened? I’m assuming it was removed because of the pedophile joke but not sure.

It’s the way I remember first seeing it, but I don’t remember if that was on the 23rd.

I read Penny Arcade regularly. That was the comic for the 23rd. There was no punchline about a pedophile.

Are you sure you aren’t confusing the last comic you saw with this (very) old one ?

Agreed with Amp: I almost always read the comic on the day of release, and that’s exactly the punchline I saw when I first read this one. Maybe you’re thinking back to an earlier one?

The old comic was linked in the news post from the new one, as happens from time to time. You probably followed the first text link to a comic and didn’t realize it was an older one.

That sounds like what happened. I was really confused there for a while!