Did this kind of striped candy (mints?) have a specific name?

Pic for reference. Shaped like small pillows. My aunt always kept some of them in a jar, but I don’t see them around as often now.

Never mind…only just realized there was a pic. That’s old-fashioned hard candy. Or “grandma candy”.

They are called “candy pillows” or “mint/peppermint pillows”.

References: Here’s a manufacturer of an organic version with a special ingredient for what ails ya, and here’s a scathing indictment of the old-fashioned kind as "disgusting Christmas candy. Here’s a manufacturer of a gourmet version under the name “rock candy pillows”.

Werther’s Original, sorta.

They’re humbugs that haven’t been twisted enough…

oh, wait, do these have a liquid centre?

:confused: :confused: You been ingesting a few too many of those CBD candy pillows from my earlier link or something? Because Werther’s Originals are round dimpled caramel-colored caramel candies, while candy pillows are four-cornered striped mint-flavored (or fruit-flavored) hard candies.

I’d propose that any candy your grandmother has in her candy dish be called Werther’s Original. She’s half senile and won’t notice.

And when you try to retrieve one you find it’s fused to all the others in a big candy mass and you have to snap it off, all the while thinking grandma should buy Buttermints as they are so much less hassle.

Thanks, all.