Did Tolkien ever use the adjective "Gondorian"?

I’ve seen the word used quite a bit in games and articles about Middle-earth, but I don’t recall JRRT ever actually using it. Didn’t he always use the phrase “of Gondor”? Wish I had a searchable LOTR.

I don’t know.

I wish I head a searchable LOTR, Sil, UT, and all 12 volumes of HOMES.

Hey, What Exit, Tevildo, JayJay, et al!

Howzabout a research project? Did JRRT use “gondorian”?

Also, let’s confirm that he never used the word “rohirric” too!

I heard that if you ever go to Gondor, don’t have sex with the locals or you might get Gondorrhea.

Apparently it isn’t in Lord of the Rings or the Silmarillion.

(page numbers from my Harper Collins paperback)

I don’t know about the other books.

Those locals are called Gondolas. They’re real swingers.

Excellent, Thanks! :cool:

Just to be sure, those lines were from JRRT, not editorializing from CJRT, right? I’m 99% sure they are from the Master, just wanna make even more certain!

As far as I can tell, yes. Both sections are preceded by a few lines of obvious editorializing and contain larger blocks of original text marked by indentation, without any indication of changes. Numerous footnotes are clearly separated from the main text.