Who wrote this satire/comedy piece?

I received this in an email earlier and thought it was hilarious. However, there was no mention of who wrote it. I don’t know the rules/etiquette of posting another article on this message board, but seeing as I have no other way to find out who in fact did write it, I’m gonna post the first paragraph or so. If it’s ok to post the whole thing, let me know and I will (since it is pretty funny).

If anyone knows who wrote this, please help me out!

Thank in advance for the help!


I don’t know who wrote it, but I would love to seet he whole thing. Perhaps you could forward it to me?

I found it here too. Don’t know if they are the originators, though.

…and so the circle closes.

It is indeed not allowed to post whole texts, check out the SDMB copyright policy.
In this case, it isn´t even necessary, as it is quoted already in Fingolfin´s wonderful If LoTR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?-thread - check it out for hours of fun reading :wink: (and I mean literally hours - no, days!)
The author appears to be this guy - at least that´s the source given in the thread.

I appreciate the help, but the links you gave me show a similar kind of article, but it’s not quite the same. The “If LoTR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?” thread is pretty damn funny though!

Rick, I’ll shoot you an email.


Oh, dear me, how silly of me. I just searched for the initial phrase and didn´t bother to compare the texts… I was so sure it was the same one, it sounded so familiar.
The end sounds terribly familiar, too, though… about Aragorn wanting to prove he´s as good as his granddad… well, I can´t find it now, so probably it is a different text after all. But maybe someone just went and compiled the good bits and pieces from different texts? Whatever, just bide your time, someone wiser than me will come along soon and answer your question. :slight_smile: