Did You Ever Play "Vacuum Cleaner" With Your Dog

When I was little I used to grab my dog’s (he was a collie/shepherd mix) two rear legs and then walk him around like he was a vacuum cleaner. He’d be walking on his two front legs.

While it amused me greatly and mildly irritated the dog, (he never stayed mad for more than a second and after awhile he just put up with it, I thought I was the only one who did this.

Then I saw on a rerun of the Simpsons where someone (I forget who) confessed to doing the same exact thing.

So did anyone else play “Vacuum Cleaner” with your dog? Yeah I know a lot of dogs are afraid of the real vacuum, as shown on the Family Guy.

My dog when I was a kid loved to be vacuumed! She’d sit for as long as you’d vacuum her, with a blissful look on her doggie face. All subsequent dogs I’ve had or been affiliated with have run in terror from the vacuum.

That would be wheelbarrow. My dog would have bitten your arm off, so no.

A second vote for “wheelbarrow.” I did this with my cats. It reinforced their idea that I was completely insane.

Well, if you hadn’t traded in the canister vacuum for the upright model with the beater bar, things might have turned out differently. :cool:

It would only be a wheelbarrow if you put something on top the dog. It’s a vacuum when the dog is eating stuff off the floor


But you said it irritated him. I never saw a dog get irritated over getting someting to eat.

No, but we played “elevator” with the cat…

Irritated at first, but being a dog, you know they pretty much get over things within a few seconds