Did You Get Your Secret Santa Gift?

If you are wondering whether or not your Secret Santa Giftee (is that a word?) ever received your package, look here.

Hopefully they will report back.

Nope…not yet …hope its in the mail?..

Not yet! But I mailed mine out to my Giftee (yeah, sure it’s a word!) Tuesday or Wednesday. I used my work address (easier for even small packages than my itty bitty apartment mailslot), so I’m hoping if it arrives while I’m away, my boss will grab it from the mailroom for me.

But if it arrives after Christmas, that will be a nice surprise too; sort of prolonging the holiday (which I love).

I was unable to mail mine until Wednesday, but it was mailed priority. It is going to a certain down under country, and will probably arrive a day or so after Christmas. Sorry about that.


And thanks again, Homer!


I haven’t received mine yet, but if it arrives by New Year’s Eve that’s great because THAT day is my birthday. BTW, I do know that the person I sent to has received their gift, but will not open it until Christmas. If I do get mine by tomorrow I hope it’s somethingPG rated or less, because in my family we open our presents together!

I got mine, and I’m so greedy I opened it while it was still warm from the UPS man’s hands.

I posted my gushing reaction in Stoidela’s thread.

When my giftee gets my gift, you can open it immediately! Of course, I’ll be lucky if it gets there before Christmas, anyway…

I sent mine, and may I say that I had loads of fun finding something I thought would be appreciated.

It is really hard to choose something for someone you don’t know, yes?

But I did a search and read some threads, and I am in awe of my “person”. So, I got a gift from them, too!


I’m not a secret, just stupid (Hi fun!).

I got mine. It’s under the tree. I can’t wait to open it.
Like I said in Stoid’s thread: It ain’t Christmas yet!

I got mine!

I got a box of the yummiest Christmas cookies known to man from chique the other day. I still have a lot of it left. Thanks again!!! :slight_smile:


Not only haven’t I gotten mine yet, but I don’t know if my person’s gotten theirs yet. My sister claims that she mailed it out for me (because she had a day off and I work during the post office’s hours), but she knew what it was. Maybe I should check her room.

Got mine! And it’s extremely awesome, thank you very much. It’s a box full of bath goodies, and it will be perfect for the long hot baths I intend to treat myself to now that finals are over and I have all of January off.

Received mine in the mail today, but I’m waiting until Monday to open my gifts!!

I got mine! Thanks MsRobyn. I’m going to wait until after the holidays to try the wild rice recipe. Thanks for the rest of the stuff too. I collect magnets to I immediately put that one in a prime spot on the refrigerator.

Were we supposed to reveal ourselves to our Secret Santa giftees? I sent mine but didn’t include my name but I know that he/she received it.

and I wanna know who my secret santa IS…

<stomping foot>


I did get mine. I was a lazy bum, but I did just get mine out. I hope my person gets it before new years.

some lucky person has 15 more christmas shopping days for me. jan. 7th is christmas for me. lots of time for it to get here.

i know my giftee’s package arrived 'cause i tracked.

I got mine today too. Thank you Secret Santa. I’ve already started reading it!


I know I’m not getting mine yet, since my santa emailed me this morning asking for my box number. But I sent out mine the other day. And I mistakenly put my name on it! ARGH!

I did. But they won’t know until it arrives.

I got mine today! It was a GC from Amazon and an E card!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: