Did you go to a school named after a historic figure?

The only time I went to public school was kindergarten, at Washington-Jefferson.

My grade school was Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, which, being named after a hallucination, was not a historical figure.

My high school was Bishop Guilfoyle, an actual past bishop of our diocese.

Totally generic:
6th Street Elementary
Central Jr. High
West High

Two for me.
Emerson (as in Ralph Waldo)
Pacheco (as in… I’m actually not sure. One fits the geography, the other fits the philosophy.)

Daniel Webster Junior High School now known as Daniel Webster Middle School.

The Elementary School and High School were named after the area where they were located.

Maria Montessori.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School

Is Edsel Ford considered an historic figure?

My Alma Mahler Knox Grammar School was named after the founder of Presbyterianism John Knox. We used to call it The School of Hard Knox .

I went to a college named for Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, who is a historic figure in the sense that he allegedly was the person who Horace Greeley told to “Go West, young man”.

Now there’s notoriety.


Robert E. Lee high school, briefly.

My cousin went to J.E.B Stuart middle school. You know ole’ J.E.B Stuart! Nice guy. Too bad about the KKK business.

Growing up in the south was weird.

Lucille M. Nixon Elementary. Unfortunately, I attended this school during the decline and fall of Richard M. Nixon, which lead to some confusion. For a while, the school had a giant cutout of Lucy Van Pelt at the entrance to ensure that we we were associated with the Lucille part of our name.

Lewis M. Terman Junior High.

I went through Catholic schools so my schools were named after two saints. One was named after a pretty big saint who doesn’t have any historical confirmation of existence outside the Bible that even a lot of non-Chrisstians would be aware of - Joseph. The other was a well supported as real French guy.

Mine wasn’t; nearly all the schools in my area were named for the town they were in. About the only school on Long Island that fits was Walt Whitman.

I did not but in a sort of roundabout, backwards way, I did.

I went to a Catholic grammar school: All Hallows. Some years after I moved on, the school was renamed Pope John Paul II School.

Hey, me too!

Most people would probably recognize the name from the college in Hawaii that hosts a basketball tournament every year.

I attended Lafayette Elementary and John Muir Jr. High.

Well, they were sort of famous. A Saint for grammar school and John Purdue for college. My high school was named after a location.

I’ve attended nine schools in my life. K-3, the school was named after a person, but I haven’t been able to find any record, even in local history books, of who that person was. 4-5, my school was named after a fellow who was a notable figure locally during his life, but whose only real impact on history was getting a few things named after him. 6th grade was just called the School of Science (spoiler alert: There wasn’t any more focus on science than at any other school). 7-8, I think was named after a civil rights leader (double checking: Yes, he was). 9th, 10-12, and undergrad were all named after various saints. The two colleges I went to after my bachelor’s were named after a state and a city, respectively.

I think that out of all of them, St. Benedict was probably the most historically-notable.

Thunderbirds I assume? At least your team name was better than mine. Who came up with Pioneers?