Did you guys see the Dear Abbey from the other day?

From here:

Abbey’s reply:

Wow, cooking and housework makes a kid gay? What the fuck? Does this woman even realize she just called her husband gay, when she clearly means “gay” to be a bad, bad thing? Is this even real?

If this person was looking to Dobson for wisdom, she’s doomed. I wonder what single straight men do, if they aren’t supposed to cook or clean. Do they simply wallow in their own filth until starvation gets them? Sheesh.

I could have been a lot more succinct:

*Courtesy of Dave Barry, who used it to describe Lyndon LaRouche.

Yup, I had basically the same reaction. Number 1, if she thinks cooking and cleaning makes a man unmanly, her relationship with her husband is in serious trouble. And Number 2, throw the Dobson book away, for the sake of your son and for your own sanity. Of course, that was after Number 0, is this writer yanking Abby’s chain? (Lord I hope so.)

Wow. Little did I know I married a gay man. I’ll have to let him know; for some strange reason he thinks he prefers women as partners.

Some people are just so ignorant they really shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

"Dear Worried Mom:

When you give your son a sissy name like ‘Brett’ you kind of deserve what you get. Save yourself some time and join P-FLAG now."

Don’t we all do housework, and hate it equally, these days? What fucking century is this woman living in? She has a problem with a husband who cooks like a chef and cleans like a fiend? Did they smoke fucking crack in the 50’s too?

Well this is all very strange. According to that woman, my partner is totally gay and I’m totally not. Guess I’m the “manly” one, since I paint and raise flowers and sing and dance, rather than cooking and cleaning.

This also makes *my *boyfriend gay, apparently, since he cooks like a dream. :dubious: Hmm, you think nine years together and he might have realized he wasn’t into girls.

Dear Concerned Mom:

You have reason to be worried. Read this tale of a similar boy and you’ll know just what you’re in for.

So what other feminine qualities does your husband have? Does he, for example, bake? Or does he ever watch House & Garden TV? Does he work out or use product in his hair? Does he ever tell you that you can’t suck dick half as well as your neighbor Harry? Or complain that he’s put on weight? Or hang around at gay bars holding $50 bills in his teeth for the strippers? If so then you need to find a real man to raise your son, one from before this metrosexual touchy-feely man age. In my day men were men- Richard Chamberlain, Tab Hunter, George Maharis- can you imagine one of them baking cookies or scrubbing floors?

Funny, that’s how kind of feel about firemen, too. :wink:

This is priceless:

If only she’d sent her letter to Dan Savage. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing the letter was a fake anyway. Made up by someone who just wanted to see if and how Abby might respond. Perhaps not.

Yeah, I always kind of feel that the more ridiculous letters are just trolling"Abby".

Huh. I wonder if someone here would be willing to send a phony letter in and see if she prints it?

TROLLING ABBY- that’d be a great name for a band or an arthouse film.

Wow. I hate cleaning, housework, redecorating, and cooking (ugh). Pretty much most domestic duties are drudgery to me.

Does this mean all this time I’ve been a lesbian? I’ve never noticed. I mean, I don’t find myself sexually attracted to women. Can I blame my mom? She didn’t like cleaning either.

With all due respect to Anaamika, I don’t see all that much to Pit here. Idiot writes letter, advice columnist writes surprisingly lucid and sensible response.

And the world continues to rotate.

Sadly, fake or not, there are innumerable parents out there who are truly that rock-stupid. I mean, someone’s buying the books from a man who endorses the idea of fathers showering with their sons to be sure that the sons see penises as a way to prevent homosexuality, so if it’s not “Worried Mom” it’s people just as idiotic.

As for Dobson himself, I heartily recommend James Dobson’s War on America by Gil Alexander-Moegerle. Gil was a co-founder of Focus on the Family, the co-host of Dobson’s radio show and a member of the board of directors before Dobson turned on him and forced him out. Certainly he has a bit of an axe to grind, which he acknowledges in the book, but it’s still the first and AFAIK only look at FoF from the inside.

I was doing OK until the pile of beer cans buried the telephone, so now I can’t call for food anymore. I figure I’ve about a week left. I’m hoping the pizza place (or the Chinese place) calls the police and does a welfare check on me (Officer, he hasn’t ordered for two weeks!), or else I’m doomed.