Did you have difficulty adapting to an electric toothbrush?

So, I received this for Christmas, it was on my Amazon wish list.

TAO Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush & Cleaning Station, Deep Space Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNRMDWL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yGdkCbSP8BGMJ

I’ve had a very hard time adapting to it. No matter which speed I put it on, it seems to be vibrating way too fast. I use for about 30 seconds and don’t think I’m getting a good brush so I revert back to my old manual toothbrush to make sure the brushing job is complete.

I realize this is a complete first world problem, but I’m wondering if I’ll ever adapt to the fancy electric toothbrush. Anyone had a similar experience?

You don’t move the brush back and forth like a manual. i e. scrubbing your teeth.

You hold it in one area and slowly move across the teeth. Applying light pressure. Enough to hold the bristles against the teeth.

I found my Sonic-care vibration annoying. I got accustomed to it after a few days.

My brush has this same timer feature.

It’s been a while, but think the one I have was supposed to ramp up in intensity over the first few days of use to help you get used to it (?) - in any case, I adapted pretty quickly…it’s a different sensation than manually brushing, for sure, but my dentist recommended it so I try to use it most of the time.

I don’t understand - how do “vibrating too fast” and “incomplete brushing” go together?

I also got a fancy schmancy sonicare toothbrush for Christmas. Yes, the first time I used it it felt so tickle-y that it was hard to get used to. But now, after just a few days, I’m used to it and love it.

My wife got us (cheap) electric toothbrushes a few years ago and I also disliked the “vibrator in the mouth” feeling. I gave up after a month or so, and she gave up shortly afterwards.

I hate electric toothbrushes. My GF moved in with me ten years ago and brought hers, and even gave me a brush head of my own. I gave it about a month before I blew it off.

If God had meant us to use electric toothbrushes, he would have… well, I don’t know what. But I’m not using it. Fuck that shit!

Love my Sonicare. Much better brushing and I didn’t have any adjustment period.

I got a cheap electric toothbrush and use it usually twice a day. I never had the least difficulty adapting to it. The biggest difference is that scaling my teeth takes only half as long.

I appreciate that my dental hygienist doesn’t have to spend as much time scraping plaque off my teeth. I’d leave the office with a sore mouth. I use to dread my cleanings.

Sonicare makes my semi-annual cleanings a breeze. There’s very little plaque for the dental hygienist to remove. I’m out of the chair in half the time without any bleeding gums.

When I got a Sonicare I didn’t put together that I just started using it and my teeth hurting (like having braces) for a few days. It wasn’t until I remembered that a few years earlier a friend of mine mentioned that her teeth were hurting and I suggested that it was her Sonicare.

I haven’t brushed with anything but a Sonicare in nearly 20 years and have been very happy with it.

Assuming there’s not another reason for the pain, it’ll go away in a few days.

I have an Oral B. At first I found it kinda messy (I kept getting toothpaste everywhere, I’m a bit of a klutz), but now I absolutely love it.

I’m totally addicted to electric now. I even got a battery-powered travel toothbrush because I hate manual brushes so badly.

Actually it did take me a couple weeks. I had a bad habit of letting it sit in one place too long and bothering my gums. Once I adapted however I really fell in love with the things.

Mine took about a month, but it had a set-up for that; they have you use the lower setting at first, then bump it up when you feel comfortable. I had to get used to the different brushing style; I basically roll the head over the tooth head and down to the gum, left and right and let and right as I move it toward the center of my jaw. Now I can’t imagine going back to manual, great as my teeth feel! Give it a try for a month - you can stand most any change for a month, right?

If I may observe, that looks like a cheap knock off (35 reviews? Made in China?). Perhaps the problem is the model itself?

this. You don’t press down hard on the brush and you don’t “brush” your teeth like a conventional brush. You move it slowly across your teeth and gums so the surfaces are all in contact with the ultrasonic brush. Also does a good job on the tongue.

it takes some getting use to.

Didn’t take me long.

I refuse to brush for the two full minutes the dentist recommend though.

Hell, I can do more in 30 seconds with my Sonicare than anybody could do with a manual in 10 minutes.

I had one brand that made it horrible to brush my upper teeth. It vibrated my whole head pretty impressively, giving me immediate nausea and dizziness, and was quickly followed by a headache. After a week or so eventually just stopped using it and lost it somewhere. I got a different one a couple years later, and didn’t have the problem at all and have been using it for years.

My teeth are terrible, so I use an Oral B and have had no problems at all.

My daughter and her husband drag the base of their electric toothbrush with them on trips, so I bought them battery powered ones for Christmas from a travel store. And then I saw an Oral B one at my CVS. I like my real one better, but even the feeble battery powered brush is better than doing it by hand,
When did battery powered brushes come in? I never noticed them before, and now they seem to be all over the place.