Did you just fart?!

Why not? There’s entire TV shows dedicated to just this. Humans are amused by the embarassment of other humans. Deal.

I am SO glad to know I’m not the only person who thinks like this. If I let one go in public, and there are other people around, I check out the crowd and think “who’s the one who’s going to get blamed for this one?” Usually if there are guys in the crowd, I figure I’m safe.

[sub]I hope no one who’s going to SoCal Dope on Saturday reads this. You’ll all be on to my gig.[/sub]

I’m all too aware there are TV shows dedicated to just this…and that should change my opinion, why again :dubious: ? If I thought it would make a diffirence I’d inform them they’re all horse’s asses too :slight_smile: .

And I can certainly deal with humans being amused by the embarrassment of other humans…hey, if you can’t laugh at other people who can you laught at :D.?

But were’re not talking about laughing. We’re talking about causing. And somebody who causes embarrasment for a total stranger who they have nothing against is a horse’s ass and a :wally . And if the woman in question can live with the embarrassment of a (possibly unearned) reputation as a farter, Incubus can certainy live with the embarassment of a (earned) reputation as a :wally .

And I can be amused by that :slight_smile:

Hmph! :mad: well, maybe it was really you all along!

ducks and runs

Can’t prove it! Besides, in our house they’re called foofies

My wife is a teacher and has a really good way of working this out. She teaches her kids that it’s a very natural thing and that if they smell something they shouldn’t make comments or faces because everyone does it eventually.(She’s really an amazing teacher).

This of course works out to her benefit when she drops one in the middle of a classroom and some kid starts giggling. She can just tell them that they need to respect their classmates and hopes that they would respect you (the child laughing)if you did something like that.

That’s why I married her.

(Not for her farting ability, but for her intelligence…)



Yeah, you better run :smiley: .
( :wally )

No. They Poot.

As in:

Men Fart.

As in:

That’s because they can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to build up any pressure. [sub]At least, that’s what I’ve been told.[/sub]

It wasn’t me…

It was the dog. :eek:

Poor dog. Get’s blamed for everything.

Homework consumption. Farts.

I have two Bostons and a Pug…believe me…it was them. :smiley:

Or my wife. :eek:

If only people realized it’s perfectly ok to fart/burp/sneeze. It’s not your fault the way the body expels gas happens to be smelly or noisy.

Yeah but…Fart sounds are soooo funny. :smiley:

My mother in law once sneezed AND farted at the same time.
It doesnt get much funnier than that.

Oh yes it does.

There is a tape, hidden somewhere in my past, of me, passed out at a party, doin an alternating snoring/farting concerto that is probably, if it weren’t me doing it, would have been the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.


But you didn’t see the look on her face when she did it… :eek: :smiley:

I’ve heard if you ever manage to burp, fart, sneeze & hiccup all at the same time, you’d die. Anyone ever try this and survive?

Don’t babies do this occassionally?

In any case, I like the smell of my fart. Usually starts of slightly sweetish, with an undercurrent of rotten fruit, building up to a full-blossomed “under-your-armpit” odor…


I believe there is a pheremone in human farts, kind of similar to the pheremone bees give off when they sting to put the swarm in ‘red alert’ mode and drive every local bee into a frenzy.

Because when someone rips a nasty one everyone in a 20-foot radius suddenly becomes extremely pissed off. Its hilarious how much one ripe fart can ruin so many people’s moods.

So in summary, farts make people behave like killer bees. :smiley:

This thread made me laugh out loud! I don’t think I have laughed at body humor this much since my 11 year old nephew convulsed into laughter under the table when his older brother said "Hey, watch P, he’s into body humor these days…hey P…balls!!"

Incubus , we never played the game of saying “fuck” the loudest in High School, but we did take turns saying “Fuck you very much” to annoyed salesladies (usually after we had tried all the cosmetics at the dept store counter) and see who could say it the plainest and still have the saleslady look at us quizzically like…“did she say Thank you very much? or something else?”

Hmmmm :eek: