Did you just fart?!

I was bored in the Library once. I smelled something odd (not stinky, just odd) and saw a very prim looking woman nearby. I asked her, “sniff did you just fart?” and the blood just seemed to drain out of her face when she hoarsely answered “…no! maybe it was you?” I then started to raise my voice, as though I was getting offended and said, “Are you trying to frame me for your fart?” and in a very loud voice she yelled, “I DIDNT FART!” in the middle of the Library.

Holy crap, I think my face woud have turned red as a beet if you’d asked me so directly, and I’m not very prim at all.

Dude, that’s like playing “Tits” at the restaurant, but with an unwilling partner.

That was very, very bad. And funny.

Yes. Yes, I did. And I’ll do it again, too.

Tell me of this game you reference…:confused:

Who knows, I might get drunk/stupid enough to try it if I was sufficiently bored.

Cor Blimey! Did you just drop one?!

But who farted?

He who denied it, supplied it.

Girls DON"T fart! Thank you very much :dubious:

Girls SBD.

I’ve heard of it, but using “penis.”

Basically, you say the word “penis” very quietly. The other person says it slightly louder. Then you say it even louder. This continues getting louder and louder, until you’re both practically yelling it, presumably in a library or restaurant or somewhere else that yelling “penis” is considered somewhat inappropriate. The one who first gets a dirty look loses. Or wins. Doesn;t really matter. What matters is that you’re yelling “penis.”

It’s stupid, immature, and pointless, and it’s a damn good lot of fun.

Oh, yes you do. In fact, some of the worst, most foul smelling gaseous clouds have emanated from the anal cavities of people of the female persuasion.

Oh that? Yeah, we used to play that in High School, only we’d see who could get away with using the word ‘fuck’ the loudest. I used to cheat, by saying it semi-loud, then when it was my opponent’s turn, I’d stab him in the arm with a pencil or something so he’d yelp in the middle of saying it, which made him say it 3x louder than intended. After that, nobody wanted to play against me in that game :slight_smile:

Ah, the myth that has served me so well and so often…

I’m a small attractive female who has no qualms about dropping a public bomb. After all, do I look like the sort of person who could release such noxious fumes? Of course not. It smelled that way when I got here!

How you doin!

So…you behaved like a complete horse’s ass (with or without emmisions) and you just had to come here andbrag about it?
Ya know, people with noxious gas emminating from their butts arn’t nearly as hard to put up with as those who have it emminating from their mouths :rolleyes:

'Course not. They just spontaneously explode.

Whoever said the rhyme did the crime. And, whoever smelt it, dealt it. :stuck_out_tongue:

**Troy McClure SF ** got it right the first time. The very last time I ever played “tits” was in a Dennys. My girlfriend didn’t really feel like playing so when it came around to her turn she stood up and yelled it at the top of her lungs:

She won.

A little bloated…whew! I mean, just fine, thanks! Let’s get out of here.