Did you know it's the power of Christ that keeps every atom from literally exploding?

Someone scanned in this comic (pdf) http://www.carpsplace.com/spire/TANWC.pdf , an adaption of “There’s A New World Coming” by Hal Lindsey from 1974.

I (or my sister) had this comic as a kid, but I only remember a few panels of it, like the one of the guy who was chewed up by a shark getting resurrected. I certainly did not recall that atoms are kept from exploding by Christ. What was stuff made of before Christ was born, I wonder, if not atoms. Or maybe they were different kinds of atoms that did not require the Christ atomic force to keep from exploding.

My sister said she was worried she was going to hell because she thought the Whore Of Babylon was pretty.

“The Great Snatch” indeed.

Those be some comely lasses that bible thumper be drawing.

So, Robert Oppenheimer is stronger than Jesus?

All you need to do is “come”

Through the first couple of pages, I had a vague memory of maybe seeing this someplace, but it was the illustration on page four that confirmed it. I definitely recall getting a happy buzz in my personal great snatch the first time I saw the arched-back short-skirt schoolgirl. The late great Planet O’ Pleasure… mmm…

It’s all about Page 34, baby. What could be better than standing ankle deep in Jesus?

HAW! HAW! HAW! :wink:

It’s the power of humor that keeps my head from figurtively exploding.

Did they really say to look for that as a sign that “heralds the return of Jesus”?

And lo, Jesus did look upon them, and he said unto Buddha, “Man, you never have this problem…”

They were drawn by the same guy who did the Archie comics at the time, he had lots of practice with the curvaceous Betty and Veronica.

I saw this “comic” mentioned in a book High Wierdness by Mail. It was a collection, done just before the WWW went big, of all kinds of strange groups of various types, with humorous commentary by the author/editor, and several others.

Page 28 Jesus has his game face on.

Jesus, what a load of crap. I remember that Hal Lindsey guy from my childhood. My parents were all into this jerk and his The Late Great Planet Earth book outlining the timetable for the end of the world. As I recall, it had the reunion of the Jews in Israel as the start date and then, the generation that sees this will see the end (he figured a generation to be 40 years) and then ya add the day the Sun went backwards and some other crap and carry the four and they came up with a date of The End. Sometime in the 1980’s I think. 1986 or 1988? Well, bad news there Hal, we still be here and much of that generation isn’t. And yet, I still have to see his mug on TV as I scan the channels. Anybody know what he gave as an “excuse” for the world surviving? This type really gives me the squirts.

So he conquered death, but not the destroyer of worlds.

This is old news, people.

According to the comic, believing in Jesus gives you perky breasts.

Perhaps I skimmed too quickly, but did anyone else happen to see any but caucasion people going to heaven? This comic was pretty white biased…

Just a note…


I almost asked the same thing. I’m sure it’s in the …somewhere…


Brendon Small

Damn I had no idea Christianity involved so many hot 70’s babes in tight sweaters/tee-shirts and short skirts. I’m down, man!

I suppose those with great snatches do participate in the Rapture fairly often. :smiley:

(and second comings.)

<SNL>And in other news, Jesus is still dead. </SNL>