Did you know RealAudio wants $30 for their latest & Greatest version G2?

Thanks but no thanks.

Bienvenue au vrai monde mon ami (Welcome to the real world my friend) …

Software …

… offer the first version for FREE, get the user hooked and then come out with a “new and improved” version that you make the user pay for … TTN (Through The Nose).

Terence in Marietta, GA

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They have been charging for their “Real Player Plus” for years now. They still have a perfectly free version of Real Player G2. Of course their website really tries to push, you into getting Real Player Plus, but if you read the fine print, you’ll see the free player as well.

Nothing new here.

If you care for the link to get the free player:

Oh, and P.S. (geez, I am doing these P.S.es a lot)

It would be suicide if they started charging for all versions of their player. Microsoft would just love for their free ASF format to take over.

The other day downloaded RealJukebox for free. Basically it downloads a free song at the same rate as Liquid Audio. AS long as they’re free I’m happy to use them, but if I got to pay well then I probably don’t need it.

Oh and thanks for that link for “So go out of business” Jim. Nothing like a little humor. to lighten the load.

GQ? Thanks but no thanks…