Did you try Chrome? Are you still using it?

Just a poll out of curiosity:

  1. Did you try Google Chrome?

  2. If yes, are you still using it and why?

  3. If you never tried it, why not?

As for myself:

  1. Yes

  2. Yes. Mostly because I like many of the features, haven’t had any problems with it so far (except for the hotmail website insisting I upgrade my browser every time I check my email) and I just like how it feels. It feels… smoother, faster than even firefox.

I still have firefox in the back burner however, mostly because of it’s FTP plugins which I need to update my website. Which brings me to a few things I want from Google Chrome which I hope will be available soon namely: community plugins and an easy way to manage bookmarks. I get those and I may never look back.

We pretty much agree - and yes, I like it and still use it, but resort to Firefox because it already has plugins that I have been adding for a few years now. One thing I have noticed with the new(er) Firefox versions, for whatever reason, it seems to take forever to load up and it is starting to piss me off, which is why I have been using Chrome more often.

I suppose I could spend some time with Chrome to see what plugins they offer, but haven’t gotten around to it.

Reasons I like Chrome:
Fast load up, keeps going if one site crashes, nice layout.

No it lacks the IE magnification tool at the bottom right and I find this to be indispensable, plus it really doesn’t do anything that’s all that special. IE is not that bad.

No, I haven’t tried it yet because when I read up on it, it seemed that most of the features were already available either in FF or in Opera. To be honest I probably haven’t even thought about it since the day it came out, so I might give it a try later today.

Yes, I tried it, and I liked it, but I’m still using Firefox because I’m so used to the extentions that I’ve added to FF.

I tried it. But I just couldn’t force myself to like it. I’m an exclusive Firefox user unless the site I am at has to use IE and the Firefox extension “IE tab” doesn’t work.

I just took it out for a test drive. I like the minimalism of design and it loads pages fast. However, no mouse gestures and download speeds are only about 1/5 of what my download manager achieves. That definitely kills it for me. I’ll give it another shot when more plugins become available. For now I’ll stick to Opera and Firefox.

Me too. I’ve got Firefox customised and added on to just how I like it. Having said that, even a base install seems to be slow as fuck to load these days, so who knows.

  1. No
  2. N/A
  3. I’m in a long term, very passionate, love/hate relationship with Opera.

I did and still do. It’s pretty much unofficially my default browser now. I don’t like some of the interface, and the lack of add-ons I got so used to from Firefox, but it loads so much faster than Firefox. For a lot of my browsing I’ve found I like a stripped down browser that works fast, then for other functions going to the other guys in the toolkit like Firefox, Opera, Wyzo, and IE.

Using chrome still because Firefox has gotten really slow for me. As in takes more than a minute to start up slow.

Should probably reinstall it, but I like the way chrome goes.

I’ve been using Chrome on my work computers since Day 1 (can’t use it at home yet, since I run a Mac) and haven’t looked back since. As far as speed goes, it beats the pants off of Firefox. I also totally dig the Omnibar and miss it whenever I have to go back and use another browser and type specifically into the “search” box–so archaic.

Also, tabs on top of the browser–Genius. Why did no one think of this before? I also dig the way it handles pop-ups and downloads, with each appearing as a bar along the bottom of the window.

I do have a few qualms: First, no Mac support yet. Yes, I know it’s coming soon, but I want Chrome at home now! Second, it’s Flash support has some bugs; movies sometimes play without sound, which is annoying. Hmm, and I guess that’s about it! I can’t wait until to see what they add in future updates.

Using it now, speedier than FF, but the trade off is -light on the features. Also, the backup addon isn’t as useful as Foxmarks. But way less crashy

I tried it. I’m still using it, but only for gmail, Google reader and google docs. If it had mouse gestures I might use it more, but for now I’m sticking with Opera as my usual browser.

I have not tried chrome. I am slow to change when it comes to browsers.

I may try it one day, but at the moment FF is working just fine for me. And my pimpzilla theme is sooo tacky, I don’t think I could give that up :slight_smile:

What are tabs on top of the browser?

I tried it out of curiosity and to test if my website rendered OK in it. I didn’t stick with it because, well, call me abnormal, but I’m just not all that sold on tabbed browsing. Plus it doesn’t do a few things I’ve come to rely on in Firefox (or extensions for FF).

Seriously, guys. “Mouse gestures”? You’re all a bunch of fucking dorks. :smiley:

Normally, the tabs reside just above the content window, and below the url/bookmark bars and file menu. In Chrome, they’re at the very top of the window and actually look like tabs (you know, like a folder tab). Not only does it simply look better, but it’s also more intuitive and easier to access.

And uses less screen space!, a whole lot of pixels are wasted in FF and IE only to show you “Internet Explorer - Straight Dope Message Board”, in Chrome the tabs are there.