Did you watch any Sarah Palin's Alaska ?

I for one would be willing to piss on her in that circumstance. It might help.

Fixed misspelling in thread title.

No nude scenes? Forget it.

My response EXACTLY!

I don’t identify as either liberal or conservative, but I absolutely will not waste my time on anything Palin-related. Once upon a time, I thought rather highly of John McCain. The day he dragged this embarrassment into the public view, I lost all respect for him. If ever anyone deserved to be abducted by aliens, it’s Sarah Palin… Or is that wishing ill upon aliens?

Same for me. I just don’t watch TV anymore.

If her aim is to convince people that she knows how to handle guns and how to fish, it failed miserably. She is very uncomfortable and clumsy .
I read that she has never been involved in backwoods life. never hunted or fished. She made the story more credible with this show.

I have no interest in watching her show. On the other hand, a sitcom starring Tina Fey as Palin would be can’t miss TV.

Well, if you makes you happy, I actually am pretty interested in Sarah Palin. I read (well, listened to the audiobook version of) Game Change by Heilemann and Halperin a few months ago, and I thought the section about her nomination and preparation for the race was the best and most interesting part of the book.