Did you watch any Sarah Palin's Alaska ?

Poll coming.

I’ve seen a preview where she said (paraphrased) “I’d rather be out here than in a stuffy government office” as though it was a profound statement of the type of person she is.
She’s on vacation. Most people would rather be vacationing than at work. Duh.

Only if I can bludgeon fish to death on said vacation.

No. I did suggest to my wife that we check it out, but she (totally apolitical) declined, and it occurred to me that I’d see anything worth seeing linked to here or on the Daily Show.

My response to that comment whenever I watch the commercial is “then stay there.”

Wait, the only possible reason I could have to watch or not watch the show is political? I didn’t watch, but that’s because I wasn’t presented with a really compelling reason to watch. The same reason I don’t watch, I don’t know, 99% of the shit on TV.

I wouldn’t help raise her ratings and I wouldn’t put a dime in her pocket. If she were on fire, I wouldn’t assist in extinguishing the flames. No, I didn’t watch her TV program nor will I ever, unless I have absolutely no choice in the matter.

Liberal here, and same thing. I didn’t even know the show existed until really recently, after at least one episode had already aired (I don’t know what point they’re at now in the series), and really, the only “reality shows” that I watch are cooking shows. It could be a similar show about, I dunno, Hillary Clinton or whoever and I still wouldn’t watch.

And what’s with the yes/no only responses for Conservatives? Do none of them think she’s a waste of time, or watch one episode and give up?

Yeah. If she’s not on an old episode of The Simpsons, or playing shortstop in the big leagues, I’m not too likely to see her, or anyone else for that matter. (For the purposes of this answer, watching the news doesn’t count. :slight_smile: )

I believe the perception, not just by the OP, is that Conservatives believe Palin walks on water. In reality, I think the average thinking Conservative is almost as appalled by Palin as the average Liberal.

People are weird and complex. It’d probably be best not to add the commentary to the liberal choices either since it may not reflect all the liberals out there either.

I’m more of a Liberal, and I didn’t watch it because the show looked boring. I would be much more amused to see Palin try to be political. Seeing her trying to answer a question she doesn’t know the answer to makes me feel better about my own level of intelligence.

I wasn’t really interested in the conservative response, but put the options in there to give conservatives a place to vote and not compromise my query to liberals. My primary interest was to confirm that liberals are more fascinated by Palin than they would wish.

Man was I ever wrong.

Moderate: No, because the sound of her voice makes my ears bleed.

I would imagine that Doper conservatives and liberals alike would agree that the Palin series did not promise to be a very rewarding way of spending one’s time and attention. Not political, pragmatic.

Conservative, watched a few minutes of the first one while channel flipping. Turned it off after her teenage daughter snuck a boy into her bedroom against the house rules and Sarah did nothing about it but make him leave the room. Lousy discipline as a parent means lousy discipline as a professional, and we have enough undisciplined, unprofessional politicians running around.

She’s nails on a chalkboard to me. They keep running the ads for that show on the Comcast OnDemand menu and I have to mute the sound while I’m looking for something to watch.

Looks like the ratings kind of tanked for the 2nd episode, and the audience is skewing pretty old as well. Politics aside, it’s basically a travelogue show. Not much there to hold anybody’s interest. Palin grates for liberals, and even her fans aren’t going to find much political red meat.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t be interested in a travelogue show with Obama either.

Given the choice between sitting through an entire episode of this or putting my balls in a vice - well, that’s something I’d need to think about.

I am not really a liberal nor am I conservative - it all depends on what the issue is =) you didn’t have a category for

*Fence-sitter, Palin is a waste of skin and should drop off the face of the earth or be eaten by yog-sothoth.