Did your unrequited love suddenly reciprocate?

Have you ever experienced unrequited love only to have that person at some point reciprocate? How did it turn out?

And on the flip side - have you ever been the subject of unrequited love, and have you ever reciprocated? How did it turn out?

Okay, so I know that at the point at which the other person reciprocates, it’s no longer “unrequited”. But what if it started out that way? :wink:

I tried with one of my friends for a good two years. I was an idiot. Anywho, I left for the military then came back for Christmas. After I gave up on her, she then kissed me.

We started a relationship. It didn’t turn out well. The problem was she misunderstood that because I had tried with her for so long, that I would be so happy to finally have her that I would allow her to do anything she wanted. That she would be able to walk all over me. She was so shocked when I got mad at her.

Never again will I put so much effort for a girl.

Yep. And she was a horn dog.

That was all there was to it at that point. In the 2 years in between, we both changed. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, and it reached a point where we both pretty much knew that it was just for the sex.

I recommend everyone have an experience like that once in their life.

I think I meant “object”, not subject. :smack:

Yes, I have been the object of unrequited love and suddenly reciprocated. He was my best friend and I knew he had feelings for me. I shot him down repeatedly. I dated his roomate. I was certain that he wasn’t “my type”, whatever the hell that means. We just hung out for a couple of years.

Then one day he told me he was moving across the country, and I was surprised at how completely devastated I was. I just knew I couldn’t be without him. We were together for a couple of weeks before he moved.

I followed him across country a few months later. We lived together for a couple of years and were married in 1998. Our first child will be due in September.

This is less unrequited love than unrequited early teenage crush, but I suppose it counts. I met a guy at a summer academic camp in high school. (Go nerd camp!) He developed a HUGE crush on me, but I was dating someone else. I kept in touch with him and all the other people I’d met there and gradually came to realize that my then-boyfriend was a total asshole… and that the guy who had a crush on me was MUCH better. (And more attractive.) We were involved for 8-9 months or so, but soon after I actually started dating him, he decided to become a non-nerd and tan and lift weights and wear strange and fashionable clothing. Then he stopped talking to me very much, and eventually he dumped me. I was very unhappy for a while, but I’ve since realized how much good that relationship did me, since it was SO MUCH BETTER than the previous one. Odd to think that it’s that long ago, now…

After a year he finally reciprocated. And now we’re married. :slight_smile:

I was once part of an unrequited triangle. I, “Mr. X,” had this huge crush on “Mr. Y,” who was pining away for “Mr. Z,” who was constantly fantasizing about ME!

We had all been friends for about 2 or 3 years before any of us actually made our feelings known. This was followed by a period of about 1 year, in which each possible coupling existed at least once, none of which became anything long-term. We remained good friends for a while, though we now live in different cities.

I’m glad we each got the chance to experience what we wanted, and to learn that it wasn’t really what we wanted, after all.

Did an unrequired love ever reciprocate? In my case, never. :frowning: