Didja ever do the town name?

Did you ever take a bath in Bath?
Did you ever skip, hop, or spring thru a field in Springfield?
Did you ever have intercourse in Intercourse?
Went to Washington Crossing earlier today to see the reenactment of Washington’s Crossing.

My college roommate was from E. Bangor & his girlfriend was from Bath. She took a bath in Bath, & he…well, you get the idea.

I was between the lakes in Interlochen. While I was there, I also drove across town in Traverse City.

I may or may not have had sex in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.

Rick Kitchen: Then perhaps you should travel to French Lick, Indiana.

I think that one would only count if you didn’t have sex there. :o
I tried to have intercourse in Intercourse; as a consolation prize, I got laid in Lancaster, which is only about 5 miles away but doesn’t sound nearly as good.

Nearby town name is Cumming. I’ve dated a woman from there, and spent many a night at her place. So…yep.

I’ve never laughed out loud in What Cheer, Iowa.

I had to put on a jacket in Cool, CA. And my friend ended a bike ride and got picked-up in Rescue, CA.

These are not quite right but maybe they count …

I’ve been to Hell, Michigan. It seemed an apt name.

I’ve gone in and out of the port in Newport.

I’ve walked the long beach in Long Beach. Both NY & CA.

I’ve been hot in Hotlanta, Georgia.

Ate corn in Cornish, and Boston cream pie in Boston.
Used a car jack in Jackman.

All of the towns I’ve lived in are strained at best. I’ve been to a wood by the lake in Lakewood, OH, if a well-groomed park counts as a “wood”. And my freshman year of college in Villanova, PA, I lived in the newest building on campus.

I can’t think of anything for Cleveland or Bozeman.

I spent 20 years total in Tarrytown, including two six-month periods when I was hangin’ around, not accomplishing much, so, yeah, I’ve tarried in Tarrytown.

I have lived in Davenport, and owned one while I was there too. :cool:

I didn’t run naked through the streets in Modesto, Ca.

Kind of mundane, but:

I’ve grown a garden in Plantation. Does that count?
I’ve seen the sun rise in Sunrise.

Tucker? I don’t even know 'er! (And my college roommate was from Cumming. It was a platonic relationship though, so I can only make assumptions there… and we met in Athens, if that counts.)

I grew up near the town of Santa Claus, but never celebrated Christmas there. I’ve eaten onions in the nearby town of Vidalia, though, shopped in Bloomingdale, and gone swimming in Pooler. And cut grass in Savannah.

I lied to my Dad in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Got spanked for it.

I live in a town called Wooster (does not rhyme with rooster). When we thought we might have a home intruder, I took my son and left, leaving my husband and the police to deal with it. So I was a wuss in Wooster.

I loved my brother in Philadelphia. I tried to be urbane in Urbana and certainly drank champange after moving to Champaign.

I live in Bangkok, and I … well, I’d rather not say.