Have you ever been to towns with the same name in different countries?

Let’s see, I’ve been to Naples, Florida and Naples, Italy. I should have stopped for a pizza in Naples, Florida to compare it with that delicious one I had in Naples, Italy. It seems like there’s a bunch of towns in America that were named after Italian towns. I’ve been to Venice, Italy, and Venice, California. I’m not sure if that counts since Venice, CA is actually a district in Los Angeles, and not a real town/city.

I’ve been to Dublin, California and Dublin, Ireland. Dublin, CA is really lame, while Ireland Dublin is all kinds of awesome. I’m pretty sure I’ve been through Los Angeles, Chile and I was born in Los Angeles, California. Also, Vancouver, Washington and Vancouver, BC. Vancouver BC is way better.

Some friends of my Russian buddy have lived in St. Petersburg Russia and St. Petersburg Florida which is even better. I’ve got a sort of threefer, in being to Brighton, Enland, Brighton in NYC and Brighton in Adelaide, Australia. Some of these may be called Brighton Beach. I just remember that ever since I heard Pinball Wizard, I wanted to go to Brighton. Which reminds me, I’ve been to Soho, London and Soho, NYC, but that doesn’t really count.

I’ve only been to two countries so my opportunities are more limited.

I’ve been to Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario but that may not count.

Sort of: I have been to Zaragoza (Spain) and to Puebla (Mexico), whose current official name is “Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza”, after a general by the lastname Zaragoza who was born there (and who, judging by his name, had foreparents from Zaragoza). One of the people who were important in the history of Puebla was Cardenal Palafox, virrey of Mexico, who was from thereabouts of where I grew up.

I’ve been to New York City, and I’ve been in Yorkshire.

I lived in Miami (specifically in North Miami and South Miami), worked in Miami Beach for a year and have visited the horror that’s Miami Playa just for kicks. Mom spent several years telling people that I was in Miami, teaching at a university (grad school really), and getting as a response either “Julio Iglesias’ Miami?” “no, poor students Miami, he lives in the rich folks’ part!” or “Miami Playa?” “is there even a primary school in that dump?”

Do Laredo and Nuevo Laredo count?

Forgot: Puebla was originally called La Puebla de los Ángeles - and I have been to LA (well, officially, I’m not sure whether all those highways count as “LA” or “thereabouts”; we did go to a factory in East LA and fly to and from LAX).

I’ve been to London in three countries: the USA (Ohio), Canada (Ontario), and the UK.

Hamilton, Ohio and Ontario
Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario
Toronto, Ohio and Ontario
Windsor, Ontario and UK

Newcastle in England and Newcastle in Australia.

Similarly, Perth in both countries.

Dublin, Ireland and Dublin, Ohio.

I still remember a long-ago trip to Athens, Georgia, where a voluptuous cocktail waitress practiced her seductive taunts on me. I was then shy, naïve, and … unrequited. :smack: Unfortunately I’ve never been to Greece. :frowning:

Before someone else mentions it: two of the world’s largest cities are each named City of Angels. I have been to both.

Do villages count? Where I live there’s at least one Springwater and Deep Well in every province.

Many homonymous cities between the States and the UK; for a brief period of time, my partner and I were both working in Dover – him in Kent, England, and me in Kent County, Delaware (I’ve been to Dover, England, but he’s not been to Dover, Delaware.)

White cliffs are conspicuously lacking in my Dover.

Reading, PA (in Berks County) and Reading, England (in Berkshire). Both are fairly unawesome.

York, PA and York, England; the latter is far more interesting if only because they had VIKINGS.

London, England and London, Ontario. No contest (sorry, Canada).


Double post

Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain.
Niagara Falls, U.S. & Canada
London, Ontario and London, UK

My mom and stepdad have been to Vancouver WA and Vancouver BC Canada. Exciting, I know.

Mine are a bit tenuous -
New London, Iowa and London England
Blackpool, England and Dublin, Ireland (the Irish Dubh Linn translates to Black Pool)

My husband grew up near a medium-size town in country Victoria called Orbost. There’s also an Orbost on the Isle of Skye, and while we were on a trip to the UK we made a point of visiting it.

Orbost on Skye is not a whole lot like Orbost in Victoria. It’s not what you’d call a mid-size town. Specifically, we counted three houses.

One of those houses belonged to a nice English lady who’d been up on Skye for about 15 years raising sheep - she invited us in for a cup of tea. I think she was fond of strangers since (this is the north of Scotland we’re talking here) she hadn’t been living there nearly long enough to be regarded as a local by the other locals. Probably another couple of decades would have done it. She had an interest in local history, and produced a few books for us to browse through.

Turns out Orbost on Skye had, at one point been quite a thriving town. Then some time in the 1850’s or so there were hard times - bad harvests, famine and so on. The town basically upped stakes and emigrated en masse. To somewhere in Australia…

Too many to list them all, but a couple of examples in three countries:

Hamilton, NSW; Hamilton, Qld; Hamilton, Tas (all in Australia); Hamilton, Ohio; Hamilton, Ontario

Stratford, Ohio; Stratford, Ontario; Stratford-upon-Avon and Stratford-atte-Bowe (as Chaucer calls it), England

Lodi, Wisconsin and Lodi, Italy.

Neither of them the Lodi where Creedence Clearwater Revival were once famously stuck! :cool:

Some capital cities (of countries, states and provinces):

Athens, Greece; Athens, Ohio
London, England; London, Ohio; London, Ontario
Richmond, Virginia; Richmond, Greater London, England
Toronto, Ontario; Toronto, NSW, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand; Wellington, NSW, Australia

And I’ve been to Paris, Illinois, and Paris, Kentucky, but unfortunately have not been to Paris in France.

Manchester, Vermont, and Manchester, England

London, Ontario and London, England (but they’re only the same name if you’re speaking English, not if you’re speaking French).