Didn't Cindy Sheehan quit?


I thought she gave up the movement? If so, why is she starting shit in John Conyers office today and getting arrested again?

She did quit, but then she changed her mind. She’s now planning to run for Congress against Pelosi.

You’re joking, right?


I heard that this morning, too.

Gods! Well, it should give me a good morning laugh when I get time to dig it up and read through it anyway. :smack:


I’ll take “because she is an attention whore” for $100, Alex.


Interesting- having a kid die in Iraq or wherever now qualifies you to run against Nancy Pelosi? Your son died in a bullshit war, it sucks, but you gotta move on.

She said she was going to run against Pelosi because she wouldn’t push for the impeachment of Bush.

This isn’t without precident on this side of the pond. In the UK an ex-BBC journo Martin Bell ran again Tory Neil Hamilton who was up to his neck in sleaze allegations. He won.

I doubt Sheehan would stand a chance but putting pressure on people during elections can have some meaning.

I heard about her plans to run against Pelosi a week or two ago. From what I’ve heard, she’s mad that Pelosi isn’t going to try to impeach Bush. Never mind that they don’t have the votes to remove him, or that it would totally kill any chance of Congress actually getting something accomplished this session, or that it would make the political climate in Washington even more toxic than it already is, or that Bush has only got about a year left in office anyway. No, all that matters is that she keep screaming until heads start rolling :rolleyes:

In this thread, posted when Cindy made her retirement announcement, I doubted she’d be able to stay out of the spotlight.

One of the articles I read today said that Daily Kos has banned her from posting since she announced she was going to challenge Pelosi (she made this announcement a while back, it didn’t just happen today).

I believe her stated reason for coming back was that she was incensed Bush pardoned Scooter Libby.

No, no. It’s because it’s a day that ends in a “y”.

The poor woman. I’m sure she was devastated by the loss of her son, but she has wasted the rest of her life and accomplished nothing. Obviously, she isn’t going to win the house seat, or be taken seriously every again for the rest of her life.

Most people on the left (like me) don’t even take her seriously. She’s obviously living on a different plane than the rest of us.


Yeah, she’s getting a little embarrassing. Maybe not quite to the point of Christians vis-a-vis Fred Phelps, but making her way onto that road.

I’m sure Ms. Pelosi is shaking in her boots.

CynicalGabe: Good post. I agree 100%.

It’s a shame, really, that there aren’t more people out there as angry as her. I think she’s right when she says that we’ve sunk into apathy. Things seem so far out of control, so unlikely to change, that we aren’t demanding they do.

They banned her from posting because Kos only supports Democratic candidates. She’s going to run as an Independent.

I admire her. At least she’s trying to do something instead of just sitting around complaining.

I’m totally on board with her anger. I’m not as enthusiastic about her shrill.

Well, not all attention whores can become president.