Sheehan encounter

Saw snippets of this yesterday on the news. Couldn’t hear everything that was said. What the hell is Cindy complaining about now?

Despite the staggering amount of information in your post, I gotta say “Beats me.”

Some old man was rude to her is all I got. But thanks for your informative post.

While this thread may wind up back in the Pit, right now it’s just a question. I’m going to start it off in MPSIMS. The moderators there are free to move it elsewhere or return it here.

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It’s not really my job to provide information, it’s yours. You wrote the OP. What, exactly, are you talking about?

Wait - you’re complaining that Contrapuntal had a post with no information?
Are you serious?

This link may be relevant. I don’t know though because I couldn’t be bothered to watch it. I figured I’d expend about as much energy on answering the OPs question as they did. I may have overdone it, though.

She’s complaining about the lack of links in the posts of her favorite messageboard.

… I was thinking she became a birther or something …

I know, she is such a whiner! Lots of people had children slain in wars that were completely unnecessary, but they weren’t so tasteless as to complain.

Complaining won’t do one thing. Whats a birther?

I disagree. The more noise is made about stuff like that, the less politically possible it will be for future presidents to start unnecessary wars.

Do we have a topic? A general direction? Anything?

BigBertha, who are you talking about, and what is the issue at hand? Let’s have one or I’m closing the thread.

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Google “oily taint”.:wink:

Eww, I’m just thinking of the horrors that can come up with with safe search off.

(Granted, the safe search on version is pretty icky too, but for different reasons … )

She was complaining about unmanned aircraft being used to bomb people in Afghanistan. She apparently thinks it is immoral to have remote controlled weapons, or something like that.

The other guy’s complaint is apparently that Cindy Sheehan sucks.

Her son was killed in an undeclared war and the war continues. She should have complained before her son was killed. Afterwards is too late.

This is what I picked up from the TV news-

As we all know, since her son was killed in Afghanistan (the good war), she’s been a very vocal anti-war activist. Apparently, she & Code Pink have been protesting outside military bases, specifically over the use of unmanned drones to take out terrorists, with a lot of collateral damage. (I agree- I prefer direct assassination squads of the sort that Dick Cheney tried to get going.)

So anyway, an old veteran (I don’t know if he was actually with the base or just showed up as the one counter-protester) got it her face & knocked away her bullhorn. AFAI could tell, he actually kinda instigated it.

Anyway, the authorities finally got her & her group to move off the base, then they parked their truck in the middle of the road to continue the protest, which then resulted in them getting ticketed for impeding traffic. So she was bitching about getting assaulted by the old man & then being the one to get a ticket.

And that AFAIK is the rest of the story.

I really don’'t give a shit waht the problem is, Sheehan lost a child in this war. Let every parent chime in who lost a child in this shit storm. I don’t care what their politics are, kids are dying . Let their parents cry out.

You know, it’ll be far from a united chorus.