Didn't realize I got this much email from you folks

I almost started a thread asking why I wasn’t getting any email, until I thought to check my spam box.

Starting about 3 am yesterday morning my SDMB emails were all routed to the spam box. There were 364 of them between then and about an hour ago. I had no idea of the volume – I always deal with them as small groups of 2 or 3.

Keep those hamsters running!

You got 364 SDMB-related emails in a couple of days?

I got four this month and six in July.

I nixed those email alerts once I realized checking the User CP button whenever I check in shows me all the threads with new posts since I last logged in. Easier, to me, than slogging through all those emails.

Yea, in about 36 hours.

Do you subscribe to every thread you post in? That isn’t really necessary. I just search on my username.

Yup. That’s works for me too.

Not as a conscious thing. But it’s done automatically.

Automatically – depending on your settings. You can subscribe to threads without getting email updates.

Reading other posts, I see that we’re probably talking about automated emails.

Well, they DO consult with me about every little thing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I turned off email updates. I just use the User CP link, as others have mentioned. Saves on hamster chow, too.