Die another day soundtrack-steaming pile of...

I think Maddona’s ‘die another day’ is not only the worst Bond song ever, but also one of the worst movie soundtracks of all times. I found it really awful and i woner if anyone else feels the same. its not some kind of prejudice against maddona (other than fucking up Guy Ritchie and gettin him to direct shit like swept away) but it truly is a horrible song especially the chorus.thoughts?
PS: Film wasnt so hot either.

Are you talking ‘soundtrack’ or ‘theme song’? I personally liked both. Not sure why everyone is bashing Madonna over it. I’m no great fan of heres but I liked the sound of the song; you could tell it was a Bond song (like Living Daylights, View to a Kill, Thunderball…they all have that certain Bond quality).

The score was fantastic, especially the hovercraft chase. I love a score that takes the recurring theme and adapts it to different moods. The James Bond theme works so great in a chase.

I liked the Madonna theme a lot too. Except for the jarringly out of place lyric “Sigmund Freud, analyse this, analyse this…”. Why is that line there?

Other than that, I thought the song was one of the best in several films, and much better than the Garbage song from the last one. The movie of course, was shite, and I’ve got no opinion on the score.

I have to agree with minega. I admit to being slightly prejudiced against Madonna’s music, but I thought the Die Another Day song was especially bad, even for her.

Oh, I also hate James Bond movies, so…

I thought the Die Another Die Theme Song Sucked Ass. The Soundtrack might be OK though, I just don’t like that theme, I don’t think it is Bond-Like.

I haven’t heard the Madonna song. Yes, I live under a rock, in a cave, on Mars.

But speaking of the soundtrack, I don’t get David Arnold at all. He wrote a brilliant soundtrack for Stargate (which was wisely appropriated wholesale for SG1) but what’s he done since then? Not a damn thing worth listening to.

I’d normally agree with you. His original stuff is pretty lackluster. A movie like Independence Day should have had a big memorable score (not that the movie was great, don’t get me wrong), instead we got generic patriotic music. Nothing memorable.

And honestly, I don’t credit Arnold too much for the Die Another Day score, since teh theme was already written for him decades ago, but he did a good job adapting it.

Love Madonna. Love James Bond.

I totally groove on the song. The strings just kill me. I can see why a lot of out-of-touch geezers who aren’t into electronica wouldn’t appreciate the song, it’s too cutting-edge. The remixes suck ass, though.

I’m not really a Madonna fan, but I must admit that I like the Die Another Day theme song and I think the video for it is pretty cool.

I guess I won’t know anything else about the sound track until the movie comes out on DVD (I just can’t see myself spending money to see Miss Berry on the big screen–sorry, I’m just not a fan of hers, but no offense meant to those who are).

Yeah, that’s it. It’s too cutting edge.


I love a lot of Madonna’s work and I think that Die Another Day was crap thoroughly unworthy of the Bond pantheon of themes.

I can see why a lot of people whose taste in music depends entirely on what the mass media spoonfeeds them would groove on the song, it’s very mainstream. The remixes could not have been any worse than the original, though.


Madonna’s recent stuff is electronica-tinged! It’s not electronica! And I hate the world electronica! And what the smeg was up with that Freud line?!

Other than that, I thought the song was okay. She looked pretty hot in the video.

In the movie (which I have yet to see), doesn’t the villain have a bunch of mental problems . . . because he can’t sleep because James or one of his buddies shot the dude in the head . . . or am I thinking of something else completely? Anyway, crazy dude . . . shrink reference . . . ?


And I apologize for somehow losing the “l” in your name in the second quote. :o :smack:

Here’s my problem:

It didn’t sound like a James Bond song. Garbage’s World Is Not Enough song was the perfect sounding Bond song. Why does Madonna have to screw everything up.

Then again, that was the 3rd worst Bond movie, so it deserves one of the worst songs(Licence to Kill and In Her Majesty’s Secret Service are worse movies).

Hijacking; I like In Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But yeah, the movie sucked.

And the theme song? What was that crap? I saw the movie with my parents and sister and the four of us have wildly diverging music tastes. When it came up all of us looked at each other and said “What the…”.