Die you spoiled bitch!

Why you little spoiled piece of shit brat!!!

I will sacrifice chickens to the dark gods, 24/7, until you are run over by a thresher resulting in a disfiguring accident you so richly deserve.

Holy shit, this is a new low.

Good lord.

Personally, I think an inoperable, non-healing boil right on the buttox would be nice. You know - a pain in the ass for a pain…

Well, you get my point.

Isn’t it true that none of that money was hers to start off with? And that almost all of it was put there while she was a minor?

I have a special account set up for my remaining minor child. I’ll take money out of it if I want. I gave him a television for his birthday one year. He fucked up in school, I took it away.

She’s gonna lose. BIG TIME!

She needs a nice cup of shut the…

Given that the judge made negative comments about the case, can we assume that this has already been kicked out of the courts? If so, I hope the judge laughed at her on her way out. This kinda reminds me of The Royal Tenenbaums, only they at least setteled their differences out of court. What a piece of shit this girl is, what was she planning on buying with a billion dollars anyways?

Seriously, can one person even spend that much money?

Awww, and she was so cute in A Little Princess.

By the graces of Cthulu (please don’t smite me with a pox if I spelled you name wrong, oh master of darkness), her family better tell her to shove that trustfund up her ass. I hope they take it all back, and leave her pennyless begging in the streets for a crust of stale bread.

A solid gold stealth fighter should do the trick. However this reinforces our point that she doesn’t need the moeny, shes not even a fucking pilot.

They don’t actually say how much money is left in the trust fund. If they spent a billion dollars out of the fund, and it’s got $42 left in it, I wouldn’t blame her at all if she’s a little bit peeved. OTOH, if there’s enough left to make Bill Gates say, “Crap, that’s a bunch of money…”, then I’m thinking this is going to be a very tense Christmas…


Seeing how “Fox News” got this wrong

I wonder how much of the rest of the piece is accurate.
If any of you had 10 billion dollars and someone took 5 billion from you would you say “oh well, I still have 5 billion, I’ll the other
$5,000,000,000.00 slide”?

I don’t think so.


I would still be grateful as hell that someone GAVE me 5 billion dollars!

Not too surprising really.

The super-rich are do this kind of crap a lot. Alimony suits where someone “needs” $250,000 a month to live on and whatnot.

Doubt she’ll get much out of it though.

“had” as in earned?
“had” as in deserved?

or “had” as in someone gave it to her out of a sense of generosity?

OK, color me confused. This is the same Fox News that has editorials that support the repeal of the estate tax, right? So what the hell is their major malfunction? Is it because she’s 18, or her father is still alive, or what?

If her family has been ripping her off, then she’s entitled to relief, no matter how much money she’s got (just because you have more than you can ever use is not a justification for someone else to steal from you). If it’s a frivolous suit, and there’s not enough information in the blurb to make that call one way or another, then she ought to pay the price for that action. Either way, the decision lies with the court, not with Fox News or a bunch of spectators. Why the venom?

And FWIW…the pertinent “facts” seem correct

It would depend on how I got that $10 billion. If I earned it, I would consider that anyone who took it without my permission was stealing it, and treat that accordingly. If it was given to me, then I would consider that it was a gift, the giver of which could remove any amount up to the full amount at any time. If I bought a billion dollar house with it before it was yanked, I’d be a bit irked that I wasn’t given notice, but that’s life. I’d sell my house since I’d no longer be able to afford it, buy something that actually makes sense, and set that money aside somewhere safe.

Do you see MPSIMS or IMHO at the top of the page?

My mom took all my Christmas money that I had received from relatives one year when my stepdad was unemployed.

What am I entitled to in damages?


If someone willed you 10 billion and you felt someone stole half of it you wouldn’t mind.

I’m pretty sure there are laws governing the managment of trust funds and if those violated then the persons who did that should pay.

The “Fox News” article is written to piss people off at the young lady. It seems to be working.

As for me, I’ll let a court of law render judgement.

From your link.

Yeah cry me a fucking river. They obviously seem competent enough to make all that money.

Amen to that.