Diego Maradona dead at age 60

I just learned from a friend that he died. He was probably the greatest player I experienced in my lifetime (I’m 8 years younger), but my adoration still is impaired by the “hand of God” goal . But anyway, RIP.

And allow me to be the first English football fan to say good riddance to the cheating, drug-addled scumbag.

Wow that is a shock. While the Hand of God is part of his legacy I would prefer to remember him for the other legendary incident of that game:

I’m English but I don’t mind saying that I think he was the most talented and exciting footballer in history.

That’s still a bit young age to die. What happened?

Very unhealthy lifestyle, to say the least. It was his third heart attack.

I believe he has had heart problems induced by heavy cocaine usage for some years.

The man is loved in Argentina. No one is perfect and he brought some zest into the game. He won’t be soon forgotten.

I actually thought he was older, considering the way he’s looked in recent years. As has been said, debauchery happened. I was not at all surprised to see the news.

We’ve lost the last of the Greek heroes.
He was Achilles in the Goal of the Century and Odisseus in the Hand of God.
The whole country is in shock, my wife (who hates futbol) just broke down in tears.
I’m crying at random moments since I heard the news.
I remember my whole extended family in front of a small black and white tv in 1896, slowly standing up as he progressed towards the 2nd goal against England.
Half of the people there has passed on by now.
With him dies a part of my childhood.

RIP to a football genius. It is sad that drugs took him so soon (and took years from his career as well).

During the warm-up for the 1989 UEFA Cup semi-final 2nd leg Bayern Munich and Napoli
(which Napoli won the SF 4-2 on aggregate and then the Final for their first UEFA title)
Maradona, totally zoned out, without a care and likely coked up, walked out for Napoli and performed( being the only appropriate term) his warmup to the soundtrack of “Life is Life”, just a boy with a ball.

Not only the greatest soccer player ever, but a great voice for anti-imperialists

“In my heart, I am Palestinian” - Diego Maradona

Color only came in a bit later.

No, no there was color TV already, but not everybody had them yet, my grandparents had one, but we were at my uncle’s house and his was B&W.
ETA: I see I wrote 1896… yes, we only had B&W Radios back then :stuck_out_tongue:

A great footballer but a terrible human being.

I can’t summon up any real admiration for him nor any emotion at his passing.

A great Argentinian comic artist, Roberto Fontanarrosa, who himself passed away some years ago said it best
"Qué me importa lo que Diego hizo con su vida, me importa lo que hizo con la mía”
“I don’t care what Diego did with his life, I care about what he did for mine”

A certain Brazilian performs a bicycle kick in a dream…

If I may semi-hijack…looking at the Maradona video, when did it stop being the norm to wear super-short shorts?

Y’know, now there have been advances in medication since the 80s that would have helped that announcer greatly.

Maradona was brilliant, the superstar of his time in the 80s and one of the greats of all time. Alas, also one of many great talents in different fields who went down the maelstrom of excess.