Different Colored Eyes

David Bowie’s eyes aren’t different colors cuz he’s a freak of nature. When he was a kid, he tried to steal this boy’s girlfriend, cuz he thought he was hot shit. The boy slapped David in the eye, which caused his retna to burst. He had to have surgery and now his right eye is permenantly dialated, which causes his eyes to appear to be different colors, but they’re both blue. Ask David, its true.

Er, yes. That’s what Cecil said:

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I recall reading in more than one source that Bowie has a glass eye and that he got it a different color than his natural one just for the giggles of it…

My eyes started off light blue and by adulthood had changed to green. If I follow the pattern of my mother, somewhere in my 60s or 70s they’ll be dark enough to be brown. Kind of unusual, and it runs in the family.

A friend who is a big Bowie fan told me this too, but I don’t think it’s true.

  1. Uncle Cecil said that Bowie’s mismatched eyes are the result of an eye injury, so that must be the truth.

  2. If blind (hah!) faith in Uncle Cecil isn’t enough, then the eye injury story does appear in many other sources. I just did a quick search of a couple of Bowie fan sites, and all went with the eye injury explanation. Several specifically said that he does not have a glass eye.

  3. Hi Opal! (I always wanted to do that.)

  4. People do all sorts of wacky things after they are famous, but would Bowie have really wanted to blow his money on a mismatched, big-pupiled glass eye before he was a star?

  5. One of my best friends in high school had a glass eye. It looked like a real eye, but it didn’t move like a real eye. Glass eyes aren’t completely immobile, but they don’t move around nearly as much as a real eye. This is pretty obvious if you’re actually looking at a person’s eyes. Now I haven’t met Bowie, but I’ve seen him in several movies and never noticed anything strange about the way his dark eye moved.