Heterochromia anyone?

In this classic, it is mentioned that 1% of the human population has heterochromia, or two different color eyes. Yet Kate Bosworth of “Blue Crush” “fame” (who has it) is quoted as saying it occurs on one out of eight million people (or .0000125% of Americans).

So, informal poll: anyone know someone with two different color eyes? How common is this phenomenon?


The actress Jane Seymour has two different color eyes – I think one’s green and one’s brown.

David Bowie has it, too. I think he’s a blue/green. I’ve seen it in person, and it’s a bit disarming.

Doesn’t Marilyn Manson have different colored eyes?


I know someone who has one blue, one brown.

David Bowie’s different eye colors are the result of trauma to one of them. I can’t remember where I saw it and am not about to look it up.

My 6th grade friend, Joe Ben, had 2 different color eyes. One was brown, the other was blue.

Our friend’s 6 year old son has one blue eye and one brown eye. Kinda spiffy, I think.

The Master says Bowie was punched in the eye at age 12.

I believe Bowie’s eye is simply a permanently dilated pupil, from when his friend George Underwood smacked him in the eye at the age of 14.

David Bowie’s weird eyes are two different things – the dialated pupil from getting hit, and the two eye colors (as I understand it). I had the weird pupil thing after catching a fish hook in my eye. I had a “cat’s eye” pupil – sort of vertical in bright light. Eeeww. No one would look at me.