Kate Bosworth's eyes

I just picked up the latest Entertainment Weekly - the one with Clark and Lois on the cover. On page 40, there’s a picture of Kate (looking mighty fine, I might add) and one of her eyes is brown and the other is blue. Is this real? Has anyone seen this before? I’m not coming down on it, I think it’s kinda sexy.

I think it’s real, I recall seeing it and another magazine and noticing it. She’s probably made to wear contacts most of the time for shooting movies, etc. I think it’s pretty cool as well, though.

Jane Seymour has one brown eye and one green eye. Sometimes she wears a colored contact lens on the greenie, sometimes not.

Here is Cecil’s discussion of the subject.

That has to be my least favorite column of all time. Several years ago my eyes changed from an olive tone [hazel] to a disturbing light amber. I don’t know what that is on the freakin’ scale, but I spent a lot of time looking up the conditions that Cecil mentions.

She’s a real hotty, and probably very sweet, intelligent and a wonderful conversationist, but her eyes reminds me of a dog I used to have…

Found a couple pics where you can see the different colored eyes

I’ve got it too (although not brown and blue):

My left eye
right eye

Yeah, she must be one of the few people that are just born with different-coloured iri (without it being due to any disease,etc.)
My best friend has one green eye and one hazel eye, but I’ve known her since we were in kindergarten (19 years now), so I don’t notice it anyway. But she says its a rare day when some random person doesn’t do a double-take and go, “Omigod! You have two different coloured eyes!” :wink:

I work with someone who has two different colored eyes. After over 2 years working with her, I finally noticed it.