Different coloured eyes


(btw, this is my first post at SDMB, so lemme no if i do somethin wrong)

My question is: Why/How do some people have two different coloured eyes? ie; one brown eye, one blue eye.

I have seen this before, and I think Jane Seymour was one of the celebrities with it, however I’m pretty her eyes were green and brown. In a new ad on TV (here in aus) there’s a woman with strikingly contrasting eyes, as in bright blue and very deep brown.

So whats the straight dope?

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Have you read Cecil’s cloumn on the subject?


I did a search in the archives, but I must of skipped past it.

Sorry ppl

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Pull up a chair.

I have one blue, one green. Don’t know why it happened, but what a conversation starter.

Regarding the commercial:
just a guess, but I’d bet on
“different colored contact lenses”.

My eye colour does not differ from one eye to the other, however my eyes contain two distinct and non blended colours. I have orange around my pupils and emerald green surrounding that.

So the ussual questions: Is this normal, what’s it called, who else is like this?

Varigated, like mine are, brown in the center and blueish green for the outer part.

David Bowie has one blue, one green. And one with an enlarged pupil (from a fight when he was a kid, I think). I think it’s cool.

My eyes are both green mixed with blue, but depending on what light I am in, they either look very dark blue, or light light green.

With dogs, the story is dogs with blue eyes can see better in bright glare, whereas dogs with brown eyes can see better in other situations. Don’t know if there is any truth in that, but I thought it was interesting.