multi-colored eyes

I have often heard of people with one blue eye with one brown eye, often called ‘multi-colored eyes’. My eyes, however, are half brown, and half blue. The top half of both my eyes is blue and the bottom part is brown. They are not contacts, as many people would belive. Through genetics, both my daughters received my eyes. My oldest daughter has brown eyes with huge chunks of blue in them, which are very noticeable. Often the brown in her eyes turns to a shade of green. My youngest daughter has blueish-green eyes with small chunks of a sky blue color. It’s quite hard to see the different colors. What she wears tends to effect how well you can see the two colors. I’ve never heard of anyone else with eyes like mine and my daughters.

What I would like to know is:

  1. How rare are these sort of eyes?
  2. What are they called? (I’ve been told they’re called shepherds eyes before)

Here you go. However, this addresses two eyes/one color each, not a mixed-within-eye blend.
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I’m interested in the answer to this one too. A female friend of mine got pissed at me because she insisted that I have blue eyes and I said they were green. She’d pull people into my office (which was often embarrassing) just to ask them what color my eyes were. The results were pretty evenly split between blue and green.

To settle the issue, I asked my eye doctor about it at my next visit. His conclusion after close examination: blue around the edges, hazel near the pupil, and gray in between. So apparently I didn’t know my own eye color.

Strange thing is that when I was younger the hazel part was much larger and everyone said I had hazel eyes. It’s even on my driver’s license. I have to get a new license soon, and I don’t look forward to it.

“Oh, by the way, my eyes aren’t hazel anymore.”
“What are they?”
“Blue-gray-hazel, but they look green.”

I’ve seen this called “sectoral heterochromia,” “piebald iris,” “parti-colored iris,” and “variegated iris.”

A daughter of mine has one iris that is split in half vertically, but it is lighter brown and a real dark brown. You have to be really looking closely to see it.

A friend of mine has blue eyes with small brown chunks. I’ve also seen bi colored eyes, and people with misshapen pupils-similar to cat’s eyes, but much more irregular.

Coolest eyes I’ve ever seen belong to our electrician. He has silver eyes-they look like mercury-quicksilver-a liquid color.

My wife claims that I have blue eyes and that she has green eyes. But if you look closely, you will see that both of us have basically blue eyes with brown flecks, just that her brown flecks are a bit larger. Of our three children, two are said to have blue eyes, while the third seems to have brown eyes. In fact, all three are brown-flecked blue, but the brown is considerably more prominent in the one than the other two. My conclusion is that what you call your eye color is just the impression they give from a distance of a yard or so.

I had a college roommate with 1 3/4 blue eyes. One eye was completely blue. 3/4 of the other eye was blue, with one quadrant brown. (I may have the colors reversed, as in 1.75 brown and .25 blue).

Do people perceive your eye color differently depending on the color of your clothes? For instance, if you’re wearing blue, do your eyes tend to look blue? Or, does it depend on the lighting? Sometimes those things can bring out different colors that aren’t noticed as much at other times.

My eyes are brown, but if you look really closely you can see some flecks of green. But you have to look really closely.

My eyes are blue, but I have golden rings around the pupils. Sometimes they’re very obvious and sometimes you can’t see them at all. I don’t know if there’s a name for it. It doesn’t run in my family - my mother has hazel/green eyes and my dad has blue.

I too, have the blue-green-hazel- goldflecked eyes, that seem to be always moving, and changing, depending on where I am, and what colors are around. Most women that look into my eyes say it scares them, but I am much to kind of soul to be mean.
Redheads usually have this.

Oh great, I have fat eyes.

Mine are mostly green with flecks of brown and gold. I have also had people argue with me and try to tell me my eyes are blue but I was wearing blue at the time.

I once knew someone with two different colored eyes. I’d known her for at least a year before I noticed it. How observant of me.

Even with clothes and lighting removed… eyes can change color.

I’ve seen it. And it happens to my eyes as well.

I’m not sure if it’s just a green eyed thing (as I am green eyed, usually, and the other I saw it in changed to green).

Just wanted to say that eye color isn’t always static.

The Silent Film actress, Colleen Moore had one brown & one blue eye.

My fourth child has two-toned eyes, a grayish (hazel?) ring around a greenish-brown ring which in turn surrounds the pupil.

Mine are blue with veins of white kind of like the veins in marble running more or less radially out from my pupils.