"Digestible" carbohydrates and diabetes?

I’m diabetic and really miss pasta. So I bought a box of Dreamfields spaghetti to give it a try. I haven’t had any yet, and I’m wondering if it is a pasta lover’s dream come true.
The panel says 42g per 2oz serving, but the box boasts that it has only 5g of “digestible” carbs.
Yay! But is it true? Can I eat a quarter pound of this with a nice marinara sauce and not worry about my glucose skyrocketing?
I can have lasagna?
What’s the payback?
I’d love to hear from a diabetes doc or nutritionist, but others are good too.

I have impaired glucose metabolism. Dreamfields doesn’t raise my blood sugar too much. I assume you have a glucometer–try making a portion (as indicated on the box, not the monster portion of pasta is often served) and try it with a low-glycemic sauce (say, tossed with olive oil, romano, and herbs) and test before and half an hour after you’re done.

Do watch the sugars in sauces. Do expect potential gas from the non-digestible carbs.

I know nothing about Dreamfield’s and even less about nutrition. Withal, no great matter - the key for this, and for essentially all foods for people with diabetes is empiricism. See what happens! :cool:

One of the few nice things about having diabetes is that a little experimentation ain’t gonna cause you any serious or long-term problems. OTOH, if you had Torsade de Points . . .

I tried to read the linked article.
So Torsade de Pointes is not a ballet move?

I’m aware of the sugar in tomato sauces. Usually I use very little, just enough to barely coat, then enrich with butter. Again, just a little. Olive oil is good too.
I wondered about the gas thing.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, and I can offer my personal experience with Dreamfields: My post-prandial blood glucose levels react much as would be predicted from Dreamfields’ claims regarding digestible carbs. However, continuing as long as 24 hours afterward, my fasting blood glucose levels are measurably elevated, and I have to increase my basal insulin rate to cover.

This effect was most noticible when, after trying a single serving and observing little rise in blood sugar, I figured that 4 servings would be the equivalent of only 20g carb, and pigged out on pasta for the first time in years.

It seems apparent to me that Dreamfields, in me, continues to be digested in my intestines. I don’t know whether this is common or unusual, just that it happens for me. It may be something specific to my body or to the bioflora in my gut. I’ve read reports from others that don’t mention this effect.

Nonetheless, in small quantities, I think it’s still much better for me than a regular serving of pasta, and I still include it in my diet. I just can’t sit down and eat a full plate of spaghetti. FWIW, it tastes just like regular pasta to me. Yum!

It’s a bit chewier in my experience, but not bad.

I did the test, and my numbers went up by 26 mg/dL. Seems like a lot, but this is the 1st time I’ve done this.
Spaghetti with a little butter and salt and pepper. No meds.
I’m going to try it tomorrow with the Glipizide and Metformin.

I had some tonight but with metformin in me, so I can’t be very helpful!