Dreamfields Pasta - 5 grams of digestible carbs. Is this stuff for real?

I bought some of this while it was on sale, obviously skeptical. I did find that I don’t get the same “carb high” that I seem to get after eating a ton of 100% whole-wheat pasta.

Carbs make me all kinds of wild hungry, so I try and keep them minimized, and, pasta aisde, I do a great job of it - whole wheat tortillas and 100% whole grain bread, and quinoa instead of brown rice. But pasta…pasta is a different story. I will eat a minimum of 1 1/2 bowlfuls of it when it’s Pasta Night at the Bluth household.

My google research turned up nothing. It has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, which is something, but by no means reassuring.

Any evidence this stuff isn’t BS?

From the FAQs page.

Fermented? Sounds like they can give beans a run for their money.

I don’t know about the specific science behind it or how true their claims are, but this stuff has been around for a while and I did eat it when I was doing a low carb lifestyle.

I got some not too long ago and had a good-sized bowl of it, and did experience tummy troubles shortly thereafter. I wouldn’t recommend eating more than a small serving of it at once.

Zipper JJ, See, that’s the thing - I’ve eaten pretty big quantities of it (say, 4-5oz at a clip, service size 2oz I believe) and I haven’t suffered stomach problems. I thought “maybe it’s like Olestra!” and was waiting to die after eating it. But nothing. Hmmmmm.

runner pat, so it sounds like it’s just how it’s binded, is that all?

The people on the diabetic boards don’t really have a consensus on it. Some people claim they can eat it and it doesn’t raise blood sugar; others say it’s the same as normal pasta.

They do say that you can’t overcook it, nor can you reheat it, without getting the full carb effect. Something about how if it gets too mushy the carb-reduction stuff quits working.

That is fucking creepy.

I serve it several times a month…today as a matter of fact…nobody in my family has had any troubles, not even my little girl.

Just make sure you serve it al dente, according to my low carb board.

Everyone reacts differently to “low carb” stuff in my experience. When I was eating more of those types of things, including candies with different sugar alcohols in them, I was pretty much fine. The further away I got from watching my processed carb intake, the more that sort of thing messed with my stomach.

Okay now that’s pretty interesting. I did think the 5 minues (versus 10, IIRC, my Whole Foods house brand wheat pasta) was very short, but I did watch the clock closely.

I also didn’t have leftovers. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

Did they say they tested their sugar if it was reheated and found its effect lost? Or how did they go about figuring out the reheat = no good aspect?

ZipperJJ, it’s so so true. I get horribly splitting aspartame headaches, but adore sucralose (splenda) and any stevia stuff.

We eat it exclusively for all our pasta needs, and have suffered no ill effects nor can we detect any taste differences.

I have no idea about the reheating and the overcooking, though. I use the lasagna noodles (which I do not cook beforehand) but I certainly reheat it, because with lasagna, there’s always leftovers.

I’m really weirded out by the fact that fiber is showing up in things that never had fiber in them before. Cottage cheese with fiber. Grape jelly with fiber. Frankenfiber.

I get my fiber the way God and nature intended me to, and prefer not to have it show up unbidden in places where it doesn’t belong.

Yeah. We diabetics know pretty quickly if a low-carb product lives up to its claims. Just takes a fingerprick to know for sure!