Digital Photo on Ping Pong Paddle?

Does anyone know of a business that will print a digital image on the face of a ping pong paddle?

Have googled without any luck. Granted, I’m not that great a googler.


Why not get the image printed on a peel and stick mousing surface, and then cut and stick the graphical surface to Paddle A in this chart – the plain wooden one? Does it have to be a “regulation approved” surface or anything like that, or is this just a promotional/freebie?

Excellent plan, Jurph. Thank you! Now I just have to find somewhere that I can order, um, a few less than their minimum quantity.
I need only two of each image.

The paddles don’t need to be regulation approved. We’re having ping pong tournaments at work, and I thought these would be great trophies. But it would be swell if they had playable surfaces, and the vinyl available on the site you cited would work just great!

Thanks also for the paddle link. Perfect.