Anyone know of a playing card print template?

I’m in need of a printer template/printer stock for playing cards. The cards are the usual size and the stuff I need to print is laid out 9 cards to a page–3 rows, 3 columns. This is just one of the things I need to print. I’ve tried printing, cutting, gluing to cards, and laminating, but none of that works all that well. I’ve checked on Avery’s site as they’re the only templates I’m aware of. Alas, they don’t seem to have it.

I’m sure I could copy, resize, and then print the thing on labels. The deal (sorry about that) is that I really do have a lot of cards like this, on a number of themes including some from each unit of my school’s English textbook to print and, well, I am a bit lazy. The “paste a label to an index card” method still won’t be a great solution because the labels will tatter with play.

A pre-perforated stock would make my life, along with that of my students, much easier. Kudos to anyone who can share their knowledge of this elusive product!

Don’t know what happened with the link. It’s supposed to go to a PDF, which I forgot to mention. Anyway, it’s for a game called Nephi’s Boat. The card layout on the page is as stated above. As I said, I have a boatload (heh, heh) of card games that need to be printed.

my suggestion would be to print them to the size of magic cards then buy card condoms (aka plastic protective sleeves) and just put them in those in front of regular cards.

you should be able to find common magic cards for free or nearly free someplace.

How about PlainCards? I’ve never ordered from them, it’s just something that I liked the looks of when I was Googling something else. Plus, it has blank playing card stock, either both sides blank and one side blank with a patterned back.

That’s perfect, Lynn! I’ll send that link to my old cricket club back in Davis. They’ll be stoked to have player cards.

You could also try’s playing cards. They have the biggest selection of card layouts and customizable front and back. Have fun!

My mother has had playing cards of her grandchildren made up - usually it’s one grandchild per deck of cards. On the obverse is the usual suite of playing card suits. She’s had these made at local portrait studios - maybe one in your area could help you out?

I’ve ordered these and they work very well. There’s also an aerosol spray that you can order to give them a nice smooth coating.

ETA: Here is the spray goop.

Hey Monty and all you other table top gamers out there! I know this is a really old thread and I found it because I’m in a similar situation now. So I thought I’d share what conclusions I’ve come to for anyone else that finds themselves here.

Ink is expensive when you’re printing a game. You want an end result that looks semi-professional. So let someone else do the work for you, and if they mess up it’s on them. OfficeMax and OfficeDepot (along with dozens of others) offer print services with much fancier printers then the average person owns. They typically charge by the page, regardless of how much ink you’re using. Even better is they sell the card stock, so you can get everything done up front, and pay for your completed project (useful if they make printing errors. Better they error with their merchandise rather than your property.) So my thinking is go to the store, pick out some card stock, take it and your PDFs on a USB drive to the print center and make yourself a game. With that as the plan, I have been looking at Avery 4785 and Avery 5877.

4785 is 2.5"X4" which is .5" taller than a standard playing card. So if the player is used to holding standard cards, this will not feel all that different. Also I like the rounded corners; square corners are harder to shuffle and dogear easily. Most card layouts can stretch to fit the extra half inch with no problem, but artwork may be distractingly obscured. With the larger print area more ink is required. Best of all it’s >$.5/card!*

5877 is technically business card stock, BUT it is also only a half inch off of a standard playing card measuring in at 2"X3.5". So it may feel a bit daintier than a standard card. The compact size comes with a lot of advantages! Smaller cards use less ink, take up less room during gameplay, Store/travel more compactly, and there is a ton of business card related merchandise out there perfect for pimping your game. Unfortunately business cards have square corners and the card stock is almost twice as expensive at >$.9/card.*

If anyone else knows a better/cheaper way, please weigh in! If I find/think of anything better I will follow up.

*Price is based on MSRP at time of post, excludes printing costs.

This thread is a few years old so maybe the posters have solved their problem already. In fact, ipost 5 Monty appeared to have found what he wanted.

Actually, the outfit in post #5 went out of business. On top of that, I had procrastinated on the issue and when I went to purchase the stuff, that’s when I found out they’re goners. I discovered this just last week! Turns out that Doctorlz’s bump is both timely and informative!

I have a long term project in the back of my head that needs custom cards (both sides) printing. Searching around I found these guys.

Not used them yet, so no comment on how good they are, but the prices and services offered seem to wipe out any thought of a home brewed solution.

From the post you are responding to:

“Hey Monty and all you other table top gamers out there! I know this is a really old thread and I found it because I’m in a similar situation now. So I thought I’d share what conclusions I’ve come to for anyone else that finds themselves here.”

Your nannying seems misplaced.

Nannying? Oh, so sorry.