Game designers, please help. I need blank cards.

Where does one get blank cards.

I thought of an idea for a game last night. I worked out the rules, designed the cards, etc. Now I just need to produce a set to begin test playing it.

Where would one get blank cards?

They should be the size of a standard playing card (about 2.5 by 3.5 inches) and I would like to be able to run them through my printer (I don’t want to hand write all the cards).

So, does anyone know of a supplier for these?

Zev Steinhardt

Avery has printer-ready cards in a variety of sizes. I didn’t see any at 2.5x3.5, but I didn’t look too long, either. I did see everything from business cards to index cards, so maybe you’ll find some that will work.


Avery was my first thought too, but I didn’t see the card size either.

I’m sure that I’m not the first person who has had this request, so I’m fairly certain that there must be a provider for these.

Zev Steinhardt

This page advocates printing them on photo quality printer paper and then laminating them. There’s lots of hints on making them there, too.

For what it’s worth, a Google search on Inkjet Playing Cards came up with lots of pages.

Another possible source would be with any local Teaching/Educational Supply stores.

Well, I ended up getting Avery labels (5395) and applying them to a standard deck of cards. Probably won’t stand up to heavy wear, but as a prototype it works OK. The cards are a little more difficult to shuffle, but it’ll do for now.

Thanks to everyone who helped.