DIL. Casserole Queen had a cow butchered. Ground most of into hamburger meat

We’re in trouble now.

I don’t think I’ll survive her new passion:
Yep. Plural.

So far we’ve had Cajun meatloaf and Mexican rice Meatloaf.
The Mexican rice one was outstandingly bad. Bad. Bad.
(In case you thought I forgot the bads).

She’s promised an italian version next. I can only imagine.

Is there a way to hack her phone and laptop and delete Pinterest and some oddball Meatloaf recipe site??

Please god. Tell me there is.

A friend ground an entire cow, it’s very good ground meat. A couple weeks ago I made a freehand loaf with a pound of ground cow and a pound of sweet sausage. I stuffed it with spinach and cheddar.

My wife and I went in on a butchered cow with a friend of the family once. Yeah, unfortunately the cow is not all made of T-bones and ribeyes, so we got a LOT of ground beef and weird cuts I had never heard of, like “blade roast”. Plus, I think we got a little short-changed on the the good cuts by whoever divvied it up. But like @kayaker said, it was very very good, grass-fed beef.

I don’t doubt you, Beckdawrek, that the Mexican meatloaf was bad. But in theory, in theory mind you, it sounds delicious. And wouldn’t an Italian meatloaf basically be a big rectangular meatball? With some good marinara sauce and pasta on the side, I could see myself tucking into that.

The title of this thread reminded me irresistably of this classic (and controversial) Popeye cartoon:

Me and Mid-daugter have decided it’s DILs cooking skills, not so much the meats fault.
We had a large roast from said cow and it was very good.

We have a plan to help her eat the cow without having to endure her many/varied casseroles and loaves.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Just curious; how much ground beef, in pounds, does an entire cow produce?

Best answer is, ‘alot’
She had to buy another freezer.

My freezers are full. We’re trying to eat up to make room for garden produce.
I found a little room in my freezer on the bottom of the fridge.
I like my hamburger meat to come from the grocery store. Call me chicken but I’m not sure I can trust her red neck butcher. I bet he didn’t wash his hands.

And isn’t it wasteful to grind the entire cow? Surely there was really good meat there? Or was it all just poor quality?

Seems this cow was good meat.

My experience in butchering is limited to wildlife. When you skin and butcher a deer there is just so much steak/roast meat. The meat to grind into sausage or hamburger grows quickly.

She kept the good steaks and roasts back.

So she didn’t actually have the entire cow ground?

No. Just most of it.
I wish she had kept the ribs. I like some good baby back ribs.

My mother used to buy half a cow at a time. Yep, that’s a lot of ground beef, and some delicious steaks.

I make a meatloaf using ground beef, spicy Italian sausage, brown- and wild-rice. I think it is delicious. But, yes, many meatloaf recipes are bland at best. Use that blade roast for something long-cooking like beef stew or soup. There’s lot’s of flavor in it, but it is a tougher cut of meat.

The guy I know who had an entire cow ground just really prefers ground meat. He has burgers/meatloaf most nights.

Wanna trade children for a while? I LOVE meatloaf, my son hates it.

We can switch back when the inventory is gone.

Sounds like a plan @Grrr

You’ll wanna trade back after she makes you her famous ‘Spam noodle surprise’

I never make meatloaf from just one type of meat. I start with 1 lb of ground beef, but the second pound is always something else, usually ground pork or pork sausage meat but I’ll use whatever else I have, like turkey or chicken or lamb.

I used bison once; it was fine, but a little too much like beef, and needed an extra egg because of the lower fat content. If I were to make it again, I’d definitely do half bison, half pork instead of half beef, half bison.

It’s not wasteful if you eat it.

Hate to break it to you, but baby back ribs don’t come from cows…

I made sort of an Italian meatloaf last week. Better Homes & Gardens recipe with Italian-style breadcrumbs & Italian seasoning blend. Turned out great.

Well, yeah.
I like ribs in any configuration.