Ding Dong the jerk is GONE!!!!!

Well, I have just received word that our resident jerk has quit his job. Without giving notice, no less.

This assclown has made my life miserable from the day he started working here: apparently I didn’t like him enough for someone who was also interested in playing computer games, so he reported me to HR, inventing a whole bunch of untrue lies about me that were believed for an alarmingly long amount of time.

He has tried to pick up anyone with breasts in this office (yes, including me), and his preferred method of doing so is to claim favors in exchange for little services such as fixing computer problems, which is his JOB… along with oh-so-sleazy glances and greasy chuckles.

He has accused me on numerous occasions of doing illegal things on my computer, before being told by his supervisor that he was in fact misinformed.

He deleted AIM from my computer one night without telling me, and certainly without permission. He was firmly instructed the next day by his supervisor on my behalf that I had permission to use AIM at work (as I’m not the only one with chats in this office, and they are pretty leniant).

I have so many other thoughts about Schmucko, but since this is MPSIMS, I’m gonna end with a giant WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! and have an extra drink tonight to this uber-unprofessional, macho, arrogant and scheming puddle of baby-diarrhea.

Mods, as this is a celebratory thread, filled with great rejoicing and all, I didn’t think it was pit material. Please move if necessary.

Congratulations! It could have only been better if he’d been fired sooner. At least you survived him. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! We had a jerk (actually, a psycho) at my work for about four months last year. The day he left (also without notice) was one of the best days ever!


Oh, good for you Pucette!
We’ve got a couple of psychos around here too and good lord if I can’t wait for them to be gone


Man, I was under the impression this thread was about Ding Dongs, or other fine snack foods, but I was sadly mistaken.
But Congrats Pucette! There’re plenty of jerks I’d like to get rid of, but it would probably involve violence, so I must refrain.

And believe you me, that takes a lot out of me.

Now cross your fingers and hope he won’t be replaced
by another resident jerk.

Do you have any input on who they consider?

Great, you realize of course that statistically, the odds are alarmingly good that I will be working with this person shortly.

Well, at least you got rid of him. Noone likes bottom of the barrel slime. Hopefully I’ll get to knock him around a little bit before he mysteriously disappears into the void that all jerks disappear into after working with me for a few months.

I like that. It’s going in my insult file. :slight_smile:

“Assclown” is going into your insult file, but not “uber-unprofessional, macho, arrogant and scheming puddle of baby-diarrhea.” Where are your priorities at, man?

Pucette, if things had got any worse, you would have to go see Cerina42. She’s got just the thing for irritating office jerks.

My office has a deaf jerk. I think he uses his disability as an excuse to get away with things. Stuff that the rest of us would be, at best, diciplined for. He’s also ignorant when it comes to learning office procedures and has virtually no common sense. I’m glad my promotion resulted in my being on the other side of the building from him, as well as the fussbudget in the next cubicle.

You mean you work with Handy?

<RD&H…big time>


While I have moved on to other work, I will say in my defense that I still believe that AIM is inappropriate in the workplace.


Wooo Hooo! :smiley:

You mean you worked with Sua?

Well, I was hoping that this guy wasn’t a doper. Sadly, I was mistaken. My estime for all of your previous posts, Sua, has plummeted to unheard of depths.

I agree that the only thing that would have warrented drunken celebration would have been your preventative firing, but I’m just glad it’s all over now.

Assclown is a reference to a favorite movie of mine, Office Space, in which Michael Bolton (the singer) is referred to as a “no-talent assclown” by Michael Bolton (the programmer). I do take full credit for the baby-diarrhea, though.

Thanks for all of your congratulations! That beer last night was for every one of you who is still stuck…

Man, is this Friday sweet! :smiley:

And Maeglin, you owe me a new keyboard…

Nuh uh! I told you to keep it away from the baby diarrhea.