Dining With Napoleon

Ah, the joys of having a 6 month old!

Seriously, I’m going to be grey by the end of the week.

So, at 6 months, he has decided to feed himself using a spoon. Oh, how cute! We thought this was just peachy.

Until the past 5 days.

Now he won’t let us feed him at all. Gets really pissed about it. Refuses to eat. Fine. We decide to be clever and bring 2 spoons to each feeding. That way we can trade spoons- he feeds himself with the first one, then we hand him the second to feed himself with while we put more food one the first.

Which is being met with a rousing “fuck you mom.” Tink doesn’t want to give up spoon #1, gets frustrated he has no more food on it, and cries. If we manage to get him to do the trade thing, he still gets frustrated with it being slow and not doing it all himself, and we get a crying angry baby once again.

Plus, we’ve decided baby food sucks and we want what mom & dad eat. Fine, we think. We are clever humans. Let’s trick him!

Get bananna. Get cracker. Eat in front of him. Oh, baby wants it? OK! Here’s a bit of bananna! Here’s some cracker! Now you will be a happy baby!

Wrong. We do not want a piece of the bananna. We want ALL the banana. We don’t want little baby bits, we want to gnaw on it whole, even though it’s bigger than our head. Now we are frustrated because we drop the bananna and we want THAT piece, not another one, and we are hungry and we are mad. So much crying results.

We try being more clever. We give him a few ounces of formula first, take the edge off the hunger, maybe now he will be more patient. No. You are wrong.

In short, we have a kid who very clearly knows what he wants, and knows what he wants his body to do, but doesn’t have all the skills yet to be able to do it. Also, he is too stubborn to give up and let us feed him. So every meal is a crying angry mess, and he is barely eating any solid food at all now. Needles to say, we are going through an obscene amount of formula.

Someone, somewhere must also have had a little Napoleon. How did you help him eat?

I don’t know much about feeding babies, agreeable or not, but I did feel the need to comment that you have one impossibly cute kid.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

With the exception of this picture, where he looks a bit derranged.

I just have to say the visual I got from the thread title is hilarious. A wee Napoleon in full emperor mode, sitting all grumpy in his high chair. Ha! He is Napoleon, he eats no feelthy peas!

Your kid looks nothing like Napoleon, but the pics do remind me of the ‘Waffle at three months’ scandal a while back. The UN is still trying to sort that one out, I hear.


Which is why we had to take a follow-up at 6 months. :smiley:

Is that still being referenced? Terrible.

*That’s * Tinkleberry? Very cute.

I was like that, too, with the spoon. My aunts (I was with my aunts from age 3months to age 4) bought me a leetle tiny spoon just for me, it was perfect for my hand. Try that? I had my own little cup, and bowl, since I also insisted up and down I had to eat all by myself.

OMG! He does! LOL!

I had to go back to look at the cute pics to get that one out of my head!

Oh my God, your kid is the reincarnation of my little sister! (An interesting accomplishment since she ain’t dead yet).

My folks just gave up and spread a HUGE tarp all over the floor, stripped her naked before putting her in the high chair thingie, and let her have at it. Gradually the percentage of food that ended up inside her as opposed to the ceiling, walls, ear canal, between toes, floor, hair, etc., climbed higher and higher until she got quite good at it.

Arm your kid and then step back out of the line of fire. And keep taking pictures. They’re great for blackmail in years to come :wink:

And I was going to come in and say <screeching> you gave your baby a waffle!!!1111!!1!! eleven !! 1

I like the deranged one, myself.

I have no advice, but just know you are not alone!
Isabella (6 months next week!) has been driving us crazy! Miguel’s suggestion was to dump all the food on the tray and let the baby scoop it up herself. Yeah THAT’S real effective. We did the double spoon thing with no luck.
My 16 year old suggests a feedbag. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the picture with the waffle. Bella adores them.
There was a conflict? I must have missed it while I was fighting on the Motherboard over Bella’s love of teething biscuits. (OMG SHE’LL CHOKE TO DEATH!)

Have you tried the little dipper spoons? http://www.gerbercanada.com/en/products/feeding/lildipper.jsp

Good heavens, Rushgeekgirl, where have you been? EVERYbody knows about the waffle at three months debacle. Inkleberry’s just lucky social services wasn’t called to step in and save her son from her.

You know how kids love to eat from dog and cat food dishes? Maybe you should try serving His Majesty His dinner on the floor in the dog dish.


Hey, at least your babies eat. Mine (Spike) is 6.5 months old, and will NOT eat. He guzzles formula by the gallon, but his solid diet thus far has been one fingertip of mashed potatoes, two months ago. He’s fat and healthy, but no interest in food.

Odd, because my almost 4-year-old eats everything in sight, every minute of the day, and he’s underweight.

I had a different problem with my son – he was a few months older than Tinkleberry, but for probably three months he refused to eat anything off a spoon. Nothing but finger food was acceptable. So I spread the plastic tablecloth under his high chair and let him have at it.

Kids are programmed to make you completely nuts.