Diplomacy player wanted for SDMB Dip Tourney

So one of my players in the SDMB Diplomacy tournament is forced to bow out due to life issues.

This leaves me seeking a replacement.

This is the game: SDMB Diplomacy Game Two. The open position is France.

The position is a good one, not sacrificial at all, and has a decent shot of making it into the finals round if the player can deliver.

Email’s in the profile, players!

I’ve seen mention of these games before but have no idea what it’s about (other than some variation on the “conquer/dominate the world” theme).

Is there a page where I can find information?

This sounds like something very dorkish that I’d love. I need info!
More info!

Diplomacy is an game of lying for liars out to lie their way into heaven.

Sadly, there are six other liars also trying to get that gig.

Here’s a link to the Diplomatic Pouch: http://www.diplom.org which should allow you to educate yourselves on the game.

Hm. I think I may be down for it, but I’d need a crash course on fun rules. I’m perusing the .pdf file right now.

Man - is this game jinxed or what? I think Germany will be the only player left who actually started the game.


C’mon, people! Give it a go!

I dunno, I played it at a friend’s party and I totally sucked at it. I guess I could give it another shot…