SDMB Diplomacy Replacement Player Needed

So I’m running Diplomacy games for SDMB people, right?

One of our players has, for RL reasons, to leave the game.

So I need a replacement for England in the game.

You can read the thread about the games here..

Email me at the address in my profile if you’re interested.



I’ve been following the other thread with interest, even downloaded the game rules to start boning up. I’m intrigued. Unfortunately I’m leaving tomorrow for a two week trip without regular Internet access, otherwise…

I am hoverer very interested in any future games.

What is the time commitment expected from the player? How much experience in the game is needed? Is any special software/hardware required to play?

I’d like to play Diplomacy, myself, but I don’t want to have to buy anything (Diplomacy on the cheap is how I likes it). Know where I can find some shareware to keep track of the board?

Hmmmm…giving away England just as they’re about to be kicked in the nuts by France.

Arnold…no software needed, except email. If you want, you can visit for links to maps, tutorials, etc, but there’s no need since Nate updates the map from his website. Time commitment…well, usually about two orders a week. The orders themselves can be dashed off in a few minutes. But the DIPLOMACY…the heart of the game…can take as long as you want it to take.

How long would it take you to convince France not to overrun Liverpool? Depends on how persuasive you are.

The current game I’m in is almost over and has degenerated into a quiet slugging match. BUT…those guys on that game aren’t the most prolific. You get some of our SDMB chatterboxes involved, and, well…

I have found an application called RealPolitick from this site - which is quite system intensive (hungry) but fairly user friendly and easy to learn…

By the way, I am interested in future Diplomacy games, but would like a better starting position:)


Well, I now need TWO players.

I need one for England in 983.

And, as Miller has gone missing…

I need one for Turkey in 936.

I find this frustrating as all hell. Am I wrong in that?

You are so totally wrong in that, Jonathan. You should be totally selfless, and feel not the least bit of irritation when people drop out of games you’re GMing without even telling you.

And now, about our Brooklyn Bridge deal, that’ll be a mere $50,000 down, and convenient monthly payments of…:wink:

In Dip 983, prospective players should be aware that England’s in a less-that-ideal situation, but negotiation is possible.

“Negotiation is possible.”

This from the country that is about to offer England a very generous body cavity search.

Tell you what, JC. Since cash may be tight in the recession right now, I’ll partner up with you on this deal. You make the downpayment, and I’ll pick up the monthly payments.

Much as it pains me, RT, here is the first two months payment.

Yeah, but I can be talked into using copious quantities of AstroGlide. :smiley:

Check your email JC

Dammit, Abe Babe, I wanted to get in there. That’ll teach me to sleep in on a Friday.

Just in case you were emailing Jonathan Chance about something other than volunteering to take Miller’s spot, I’ll email him too.


Is anyone willing to master a new SDMB game? I hesitate to do so myself, since I don’t have my own website, never done it before, I’m a worthless coward, etc, etc.

JC has done more than his fair share of hosting, and for that he should be praised sycophantically. But what has he done for me LATELY? Can someone…anyone…volunteer? Jonathan Chance, this is your time to chime in about how spiritually rewarding all this gamemastering is, how you learned so much and grew as a person. Y’know, reel in the suckers.

Actually, the sordid little truth is that I enjoy GMing as much or more than playing. I’m too hung up on honesty and manners to make a proper diplomat…I keep getting my head handed to me.

I’m not being coy here, okay? I know at least one person on the board is thinking of being a first time GM. It’s not my place to name him, though. I’ve offered to assist him, however.

I leave the rest to you folks.

I call I get to be in the game if we start one. Pleeeeease someone GM it. I’ll be your best friend!