Diplomacy Player Needed

Mods and all, I apologize if making the announcement this way offends, but I don’t think the rest of the board is following the other thread and I need some new blood.

A player has (for RL reasons) asked to bow out of Dip game 936 that I’m running. The other players have asked that I attempt to fill the slot from the SDMB before I go outside.

It’s a good position…Germany. One of the board leaders.

See the game here.

Committed players only, please.

To apply you need to email me at the address in my profile. Posts to this thread, while entertaining, don’t count.

Thanks all!

Oooh! Me, me, me!

[Moe from the three stooges]

“Shaddap, you!” :Smacks Weirddave in the face:


Although, give me Moscow and Sevastapol, and I’ll support you to be Germany.

I’ve only played this once before, about 22 years ago as part of a high school class. Could you remind me what the time commitment is? (I believe that the Two Stooges are already involved in the game, no?)

Your entire life will get sucked into this game. Truly. Mercilessly. You know you want it.

I’d offer, JC, but I’m busy enough dealing with you in Aberration…

Verily I am intrigued however I don’t want to get into something where I’d let the others down later by not responding in a timely fashion, etc. I’ve printed out the rules for reading (since I’ll be away from a computer for the next 3-4 hours, minimum) and I’ll look back afterwards. Danach hoffentlich darf ich eine Verpflichtung machen. Bis dann.

I am interested in the game. Not necessarily this one, and Shibb has dibs anyway, but could someone direct me to the rules so I might get in on a future game?

Let me just point out that NO one has dibs. No one has bothered to email me about the position.

First come first served. If I don’t get an applicant by tomorrow morning I’m throwing it out to the online Dip community.

Be warned.

Oh, and the rules can be found by perusing www.diplom.org

JC, not looking for dibs, just a guesstimate of time involved per day and duration of game, at least in very rough terms. If someone else beats me to it, so be it, there are other games. Thanks.

Ferrous the rules of the game were in a NEWBIE button on that site, sort of a primer.

Aww. C’mon, Pucette. This time vengeance is mine. I have a bill of sale and everything.

Shibboleth, for the initial week after you (or whoever) joins in until the first move, there will be a flurry of e-mails back and forth from all players as they try to persuade you to side with them. They are all lying. Except Turkey. He’s good people.

After that, there will be both diplomatic emails and emails talking about specific strategy. Some people are very wordy and spend a lot of time on the emails (such as myself) while others are less so.

If you are actively negotiating, you could probably do with about 30-45 minutes per day. Maybe less if you are a fast talker/typist.

Well, I bit the bullet and sent a note to JC. Don’t know if I was the first.

So I’ll have to remember the important stuff, like Turkey is my friend, trust no one else. Got it. Anything else?

Pssst. Shibb. Don’t trust Abe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, now they got to Pucette.

The deprogrammers will be there shortly.

I just looked at the map again. France appears to have shifted in a most strange fashion, England appears to have exploded all over the place, Austria appears to have barely moved, and Turkey is oh so beautiful, or at least her player is.

Do you think my bribe is showing?

The game should last a couple to a few more weeks, depending. And everyone has kindly forgotten to mention to you the gutwrenching anxiety you’ll feel in the hours leading up to the adjudication of each turn.

By the way, if you have any questions about rules or specific moves or anything, feel free to ask me (really.), if you don’t want to bother Jonathan Chance. I’m an unbiased observer, I’ve been watching the game, and you’re sure to run into some snags as a newbie coming onto the biggest position on the board (especially as Germany). I’m by no means an expert on the rules, but I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the basics. And I promise I won’t try to influence your strategy or anything.

I gotta say, guys, I love this game. Thanks for introducing me to it, JC.

“Exploded”…yeah, I guess that fits, in the sense of “blown apart by a far too well-timed German stab”. (In retrospect, I really should have seen that stab coming…oh well.)

I’m going to have a lot to talk about with whoever assumes the German throne…

OK, Shibboleth it is. I got his email and he was first in line!

Meetings all day. Sorry for the delay in responding.

I’m surprised you didn’t attack him first. Twas genius timing on Waverly’s part, I must say. But it’s far from over! Pooor poor Shibb. :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks, JC.

Poor Abe Babe - offered up temptation, in the form of a wide-open southern front, and somehow expected the newbie to resist those three unoccupied bases, right on his border.

But Dip 983’s surviving (and thriving) newbie has taken to this game like a duck to water. You sure you haven’t played this before, WL?* I’m not sure I could have improved in the least on your play in this game.

  • [sub]I’m just pulling your chain - I believe you. But I’ve never seen a first-timer do so well![/sub]