Anyone a fan of Diplomacy?

I started recently and have really enjoyed it. I don’t have enough friends IRL who’ll sit for six to eight hours for one game, so I’ve resorted to playing online.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s favorite strategies, countries and stories from the game of international intrigue.

Do a search. There were a lot of really active email games organized here several years ago.

England all the way baby

Am I a fan? Too much, according to some people…

It is hard to get a game together; most people I know do most of their playing in tournaments at gaming conventions. The next World Championship (which, despite its name, is open to everybody who shows up and pays the entry fee) will be in Washington DC over Columbus Day weekend.

Your first stop should be Diplomacy World - among other things, it usually has a list of upcoming tournaments nationwide.

There are sites you can play online with random people.

Hell, I’d start an online game with people here if there is enough interest.

I’ve seen promo videos for it. Looks good. I wish I could attend, but I will be at a wedding that weekend. :frowning:

I have played a few games recently with people with whom I do online computer gaming (Paradox games, mostly). There are online resources for doing such games. :slight_smile:

Yes, PlayDiplomacy and webDiplomacy.

Both have their pros and cons, but I prefer webDiplomacy because the messaging interface is much more intuitive: instant messaging vs. PlayDiplomacy’s email.

Diplomacy is one of the games I’ve always wanted to try but never had a chance to. If someone wants to run a game here, I’d like to give it a try. I’m sure I’ll have my ass handed to me, but as long as it’s fun and gets my brain going, I’m up for it.

Barring that, is one of the online games better for the absolute beginner?

I’ve created a poll to list people interested in playing Diplomacy. We need seven to play a full game.

If you are interested and don’t know how to play, this video tutorial is great. Follow that up with the official manual.

We will play on webDiplomacy.net, which requires registration. I will create a game if we meet quorum.

Players of all skill levels welcome. Though, be mindful of the noobs :wink:

The online game plays like the board game, minus the face-to-face interactions. The rules are the same. webDiplomacy has an intuitive interface for making moves and communicating with other players.

I’m down for a game. I’ve played it before, but that was a long, long time ago.

I just recently played my first game, in real life with work colleagues. Had a blast, but don’t have the time to start another one right now. We did it in teams of 2 which made the dynamics even more interesting. I was Russia, and we established an early lead which proved detrimental as virtually all the other countries then allied against us (except Turkey, who stayed allies with us all game, and Austria-Hungary, who we destroyed on about turn 3). I think we could have coped with this had we not over-extended ourselves, leaving us fighting on two fronts. In the end Germany ground us down and won the game (they were by far the most experienced partnership).

What surprised me about the game was how much defensive resilience Italy had - with support from Germany and France, the combined forces of Russia, Turkey, and naval attack from Britain could not defeat them.

Italy can be a cheeky bastard if a competent player knows what he or she is doing.

I’m playing Italy in current game, and the options to move between the eastern and western theatre at will, mainly because of the country’s position, is extravagent.

I almost never see a juggernaut who successfully wipes out Austria get stopped. You really must have had some bad luck or bad decisions.

OMG, I totally forgot about this game. I played a few times waaaaaaay back in collage and it was the most stressful and tense games I’ve ever played. I might could be down for an online version at some point.

Since we’d be playing on another site, is it OK if I invite a friend who’s not an SDMB member?

Or, I guess I could twist his arm to join up here. He’s a smart, dorky, middle aged guy, so he’d fit right in.

OK. So, it seems we have almost enough people to play.

Here’s an important question: Are people cool with Orders due every 24 hours, Builds/Retreats every 12?

This is a standard speed for the game and allows enough time for negotiations.

Yes, he is more than welcome.

I might be in the minority, as I am not a middle-age man, but it’ll be fun regardless.

I think I’m OK with that speed, although I’ll note that I’m on the other side of the world from most of you, so there could be some time zone issues.

I’ve registered on webDiplomacy.net, so let the negotiations begin!

Great. We will do 24 hour Orders, with 12 hours for Retreats and Builds.

In terms of communications, I have turned off talking during Retreat and Build phases, per the rulebook. Otherwise, it’s fair game. Country selection is random. That should be interesting :wink:

Here’s the game link. The password is SDMB.

First come, first serve. I’ll update this post when the game is full. When everyone is in, the game will start.

I tried joining the game but it said that the password was incorrect.

Sorry. Don’t know what happened. Try this game.
Password is SDMB (all uppercase).