Dipshit who thinks he's being articulate.

This guy at work keeps saying “KON - NUCT - TIVITY”. I’ve always heard it as “KA - NECT - TIVITY”. The “KONUCT” bs really bothers me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the guy is an asshole narcissist to begin with, but it just bugs the fuck out of me when connectivity is pronouced this way.
So, how many people are konucting to the net today?

“Asshole narcissist”?

Please tell me there are two separate descriptors.

What lieu, it must be your friend with the prehensile anus. If I had a prehensile anus I would get proud and narcissistic about it.

What are your thoughts on “NU-CUE-LAR”?

How about people who enunciate the “t” in “duct tape”? (the first one, that is…)

Nuclear - “Nu-clea-er”.

Duct tape - “Ducked”. I say is so fast you couldn’t tell the difference between “duct” and “ducked”. Is supposed to be “duct” though.

Realtor…REAL-tor, not RE-LI-TOR

woo-l-f…not wooff

r-ooo-f…not ruff …(also)… rooves not ruffs

cr-eee-k…not cr-i-ck

jew-el-ree … not jew-luh-ree



F - N- ORD.



I don’t know if this is quite the right thread to do so, but I’ve been wanting to complain about “defendaaaant”. I hear lawyers say “defendant” with heavy stress on the last syllable, and that American flat-A sound, and it bugs me. It’s so common, though, that I’m wondering if it’s some special technical legal pronunciation that’s actually correct, or perhaps if they’re trying to remind themselves of the proper spelling every time they say the word.

There are many other words where people carefully put a vowel into an unaccented syllable, when the “normal” pronunciation is just the “schwa” sound. This bugs me to no end. All unaccented syllables in spoken English should have the schwa, not any other vowel sound.

DWD That is so apt for your username

This drives me nuts too (ducks outta the way of the Merkins)




Both jewelry and jewellery are correct, actually.

An interesting poll on pronunciations: results of a Harvard University study on dialects

Heh. When I was a kid, I thought the line from “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen” was:

In Bethlehem, in jewelry…

Couldn’t figure out how the hell Jesus managed to be born in a necklace.

We’re not pronouncing it wrongly. We’re using an alternative pronunciation.

Wash, idea - neither of these have an “r” in them; please stop pronouncing them as if they do!

Either pronunciation of alumin(i)um is technically proper as it can be spelled with or without the second “i.” :wink:

But wouldn’t you pronounce jewellery JEW-ELL-UH-REE?

I can dig that… it’s just when I hear jewelry pronounced JEW-LUH-REE… it just sets my teeth on edge.

YMMV. :smiley:

BTW, how do you quote someone with the Originally posted by? I haven’t been able to figure that out.

The intended defying of the ‘th’ and ‘s’ sounds, i.e. “birfday”, “ish”, “iz”, “azz” ad infinitum/nauseam.

Yah just click the Quote button below that particular post and then delete all that you’re not quoting. :slight_smile: