Dipshit who thinks he's being articulate.

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physical: pertaining to material things or your person / body.
**fiscal:**pertaining to money matters.

Pacific: A large body of water to the West of North & South America.
specific: indicating a particular thing / idea / whatever.

Please do not confuse these…

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  1. Only if you pronounce “jewel” JEW-ELL, in which case I ask you never to say it within earshot/gunshot of me.

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Just out of curiosity then.

How do you say: magnesium?

Mag nes eee umm

There’s only one pronunciation and spelling for that one. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure Cecil did a column on the aluminum/aluminium bit.



Cheers, will go look it up

So that’s why Mr. DWD is so distracted… :smiley:

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And how about… mischievous?

I can’t find it. Yet. I looked on Snopes, too.

I know I saw this, though. I know it!

The point was made in the piece that this metal is the only one (or one of the very few) that is known by two different names: aluminum in the U.S. and aluminium in the U.K.

For what it’s worth, here’s an interesting article on aluminum/aluminium’s history.


And how about EXcape instead of EScape?
wanders off singing O Little Town of Bethlehem to herself


Not periphial.

Thank you.

And we in America pronounce Aluminum just the way it sounds. I suppose if it were spelled Aluminium here, we’d pronounce it the way that sounds, too.

Here in the sticks I hear masonAry a lot instead of masonry.


“Duck tape” is also correct.

No, really!

Yeah, I always thought it was a spelling thing more than a pronounciation thing.

Duck Tape: made from feathers and used for gagging, well, ducks

Invented for the US Army in WWII. Used to keep ammunition dry. Because water rolled off of it like a duck. Our boys were over there fighting the scourge of fascism, not the scourge of untaped heating and air-conditioning systems.

Actually, both duck and duct are correct.

Nor PER-I-FREE-AL, as my sister heard a couple of DJs saying once.

And has anyone heard this? COWM-pound instead of COM-pound? This one gives my teeth goosebumps.