Dipshitglow calling posters dipshits

Are the other moderators content with aspenglow calling posters dipshits?
I should think that moderators would retain some discretion even in the pit.

Seems to me if you don’t care enough about it to provide a link to what you’re complaining about you have very little standing to be upset about anyone else’s lack of give a shitness.

I thought such a glaring rudeness by a moderator would be all over the board. My apologies.

Still no link. And you probably aren’t helping your case any by using a direct insult outside the Pit.

“Please don’t tell me what’s correct or incorrect in that decision, you muddle-headed partisan dipshit”

@Aspenglow is clearly not posting as a moderator there.

Moderators are posters, too, and when acting as such, have the same privileges in the Pit as everybody else. They can and do insult posters they don’t like, and such posters have equal right in the Pit to hit back. There’s nothing new about this.

Hol’up, you’re getting your figurative panties in a twist about a Pit thread posting?


That seems improper to me.

LOL, maybe you don’t recall some of the epic insults Manny and Giraffe were known to hand out when they were in the Pit. “Dipshit” almost comes across as affectionate compared with some of the historic drubbings mods have cut loose with back in the day.

A poster posting in a Pit thread in a Pit-appropriate manner? Really?

Press “X” to doubt

Would a friendly mod change the title to “Aspenglow calling posters dipshit”?
I admit that my typo title is more appropriate.

It’s already a thankless enough task being a moderator. I’m pretty sure we don’t want to take away moderators’ privileges to post under the same rules as ordinary posters when not moderating.

It would probably be unseemly for a mod to insult another poster and then turn around and immediately ban them! But the mods are surely sensitive to that, and could “recuse” themselves from any major moderation action if there were any appearance of something like that.

All right, nothing to see here, break it up, go home…

It’s long been accepted for moderators to participate in threads in the BBQ Pit. They’re just aren’t allowed to start them. As well as the aforementioned Manny and Giraffe, the late Colibri participated in the Pit with gusto.

In short, if you don’t like people calling each other dipshits, stay out of the Pit.

That seems less an insult than a salient if PG-13 description of the poster in question.


Thank you. This is the correct answer.

The Pit is my most posted-in forum. Generally, I post there with the same decorum as anywhere else in the forum. But as explained, I am not required to, nor is any moderator. We’re not permitted to start pit threads on individual posters and I never would. But as regular posters ourselves, we’re allowed to participate in Pit threads as we choose.

I weighed my words carefully before posting them and knew some would not be happy about it; that it might cost me some good will.

Not perfect. Not sorry.

Sorry for not adding anything new, but I see nothing wrong with using a minor insult in the Pit. I find that the OP did not specify it was a pit thread in the first place was ill-considered, and the ‘error’ in the title equally worrying if we were to try to consider this in any way a ‘fair’ complaint.

How much shit could a dipshit pit if a dipshit could pit shit?