Direct Connect ++

Does anyone here use this file sharing program? I’m having trouble setting it up.

I connect through a Netgear router. I can connect to the hubs but I don’t get any search results.

The only related topic I was able to find online was the following post:

Assuming that you can connect and chat with users, this is usually caused by a firewall or connection sharing. There are three things you can try:
* Enter your IP in the settings dialog and try again.
* Check your firewall configuration. You need to make sure it’s allowing (or forwarding) incoming connections on the port specified in the settings (412 or 1412 by default). You have to enable both TCP and UDP traffic (if you can download files, but not search, this means that UDP packets are still blocked).
* If the other two things don’t work for you, you’ll have to use passive mode.
I have a dynamic IP address so I’m not sure how to deal with solution #1. I’m not sure how to do point #2 either.

Anyone have any suggestions?


the above post was my contribution to wasting bandwidth…

I just figured it out…