Direct TV Question

Can anyone tell me if you get the network channels NBC CBS ABC FOX on Direct TV in the states?

Here in the caribbean we are only able to receive the Latin version of Direct TV which does not include the networks in the package. We get a basic package that include about 20 channels in english and a bunch in Spanish, Portuguese, German etc.

I would dearly love to get the US verison but apparently a) we are not in the satellite footpath & b) they are not allowed to sell the US subscription outside the states. Does anyone have more information on this for me thanks.

"Can anyone tell me if you get the network channels NBC CBS ABC FOX on Direct TV in the states? "

I was told last week that in our area (NH) they now offer the local stations that carry NBC, CBS, ABC, and I think, Fox. The cost is $4.95 USD a month extra.

Go to They have a page there that allows you to put in your address to determine whether or not you’re eligible to recieve loacls.

Direct TV allows some of their cities to pick up the local stations through a subscription. It’s available in St. Louis, but not in Kansas City.

I believe, but I’m positive about this, that when you live somewhere in the US that cannot pick up an affiliate over the airwaves (and yes, there are some, I lived in one the last place I lived), that your satellite programming provider can hook you up to the network. That’s what I understood that my next door neighbor did. We just used cable TV. I might not have the details right.

Thanks, I just checked it out at they have a list of all the channels available and the networks are included, but apparently there are restrictions on them from area to area… wow they sure have a lot more channels available stateside than on the Latin version of Direct TV

thanks again

I think the general rule is, if you get the network channels on your TV already, then you’d get them on DirecTV (granted DirecTV broadcasts them to your area). I live in L.A, and I get CBS, NBC, ABS, Fox, and now the WB was recently added.

We get the major networks, but they’re not local.

However, the cable company that serves this area offers cable hook-up so you can get the local network stations, in addition to the network stations offered by DirecTV. Costs $11 a month. I didn’t know that could be done – having both satellite and cable hook-up. Sounds like a lot of wiring to mess with.

Is “network stations” the right term? It sounds weird.

We haven’t signed up yet. Nothing ever happens in Iowa anyway.