Where can I find my broadcast TV channels?

I’m looking for a site which will tell me the TV channels I can pick up on my TV. I just installed it and I’ve noticed I have digital TV but have no ideas which channels are which. Anyone got any ideas?

Start here:


Enter your zip code and choose your TV provider including over the air.

Well, what I mean is that I’d like to know what WNBC actually is. Now I know what WNBC is but the others I don’t know. The same goes for the digital channels. I went to couchville.com to check out which ones I get there, but there I couldn’t even see much in the way of channel names.

Try www.tvguide.com it indicates if the channels are NCB, CBS etc. Is that what you want?

If you’re talking digital channels, you must have a cable or dish provider. Their web site is one place to start for your specific service. Otherwise, go to the link mentioned above, type in your zip, select the provider, and you’ll get the customized lineup. You’ll get both channel number and name.

If you’re relying strictly on rabbit ears, broadcast channels in NYC are:

WCBS - 2
WNBC - 4
FOX - 5
WABC - 7
WOR - 9
CW (WPIX) - 11
WNET - 13 (public television)

That was sort of what I wanted, but I’m also getting a lot of digital channels, but I just realized that my TV has this cool thing where you can hit info and it gives you program information. All this from a freaking 120 dollar TV! This new Digital TV stuff is AMAZING! Granted I’m just waiting on my DirecTV installation, but I’m thoroughly impressed with the channels around here. The true thing is that amazes me is the freaking quality of digital broadcast. It’s just like satellite. The regular analog channels are a bit unclear…

Have any of you guys been aware of digital TV before?

I am aware of it. But I am unwilling to pay for it so I remain mostly ignorant of the subtle ins and outs. I will note that my analog cable package contains a channel that would probably provide me with the information you sought but I did not think of that as I prefer to waste my time on the straight dope instead of watching much TV. I am glad you found what you need and I am pissed off that my answers were not how you got that info.

Whoa! no need to pout :wink:

But no, I’m not talking about paying for anything. I’ve got no cable or satellite but apparently newer TVs have digital channels. I guess this is how HDTV is transmitted nowadays. But the point is that there are a lot more of them than normally, because it is digital I guess. Each network has three digital channels, some with interesting programming. Again, this appears to be something new, since I last bought a TV, but my tv gets digital channels over Rabbit ears

Try www.antennaweb.org It should tell you what channels you can pick up, what kind of antenna you need, how you have to point the antenna, and give you some idea of what is what. Generally, however, you see three types of channels. One is the flagship feed, in either HD or SD (sometimes there are individual channels.) One is often a weather feed. The others are other programming. Here, for instance, the CBS affiliate also broadcasts something called MyNet, the ABC affiliate has CW on a second channel, and PBS has something called V-Me.