DirecTV question

Do you have DirecTV? Do you get the UPN network? If so, what market are you in?

I have local channels, the Premier Choice package, and UPN isn’t offered. I wrote to DirecTV twice to ask them about it, and they responded that I could get UPN shows on the local WB affiliate.

The local WB affiliate says “hogwash” and that DirecTV should know better. WB carries WB shows and UPN has UPN shows.

Why won’t DirecTV just admit that they aren’t offering UPN?

(I want my Veronica Mars.)

Some of those channels do carry both, but it isn’t a given.

We get both WB and UPN on DirecTV. Is there a UPN affiliate in your local market? If not you probably can’t get UPN.


I checked the UPN website, which says the local WB station is a UPN affiliate.

So I’ve written to the WB people again, and I’ll see what they say.

Good luck.

It sucks that you’re without Veronica.